Yellowstone Capital Closes $ 1,000,000 Merchant Cash Advance to Healthcare Provider


Photo taken at 9:45 am after the finalization of the cash advance: left; James Puleo on the right; Isaac D. Stern

We were saved by Yellowstone Capital and Evan Marmott from Strategic Funding, and we’re going to grow into a billion dollar company with their help.

Yellowstone Capital enters into a $ 1,000,000 merchant cash advance to a healthcare provider. The company’s first advance was $ 50,000 over a year ago, and due to an established line of credit and payment history, this advance will be the fifth it receives from Yellowstone Capital. . The health service provider could not get any kind of funding from banks or other traditional sources. After receiving the main and ongoing advances from Yellowstone Capital and Evan Marmott of Strategic Funding Source (SFS), they actually grew and in doing so grew into a $ 14 million per year business. A representative for the healthcare provider said the following about Yellowstone Capital’s involvement in his business: “We were rescued by Yellowstone Capital and Evan Marmott of Strategic Funding, and we are going to become a business of one. billion dollars thanks to their help. ”

In as little as three weeks, James Puleo helped fund two of the largest cash advances in merchant cash advance history. Puleo has productively found a way to provide financing to industries that other financiers would not dare to approach due to SIC code or credit score issues. After successfully closing the deal, Puleo said, “The healthcare industry, 9 out of 10 times, is behind on Medicaid and Medicare claims, and in turn creates a capital shortfall for the company. This has negative effects on the cash flow of doctors, nurses, caregivers and staff. When a healthcare professional provides a service, they want to get paid. They don’t want to know that there is a 90 day delay in invoicing and a delay in their pay ”.

James Puleo is one of the leading power brokers in the merchant cash advance industry. He has built successful relationships with business owners across America over the past 2 years. It has a unique way of providing traders with significant working capital, regardless of industry type or credit rating. Puleo also said that healthcare, HVAC, trucking, the auto industry, construction companies and many other industries that lack options for working capital have now found a reliable source of funding that can provide, and most importantly, a name they can truly trust. “I feel honored and blessed to be a part of the largest cash advance company in the industry (Yellowstone Capital) and I am very happy to move forward with my new business with Megafund Direct in the very near future. “.

Puleo went on and thanked his partner and true friend Isaac D. Stern (CEO of Yellowstone Capital, LLC) for providing the building blocks needed for Puleo to take Yellowstone Capital to new heights and set new standards for the industry. . Last but not least, without Evan Marmott of Strategic Funding Source, the majority of these cash advances would not have been funded. It’s real teamwork. James Puleo, Isaac D. Stern, and Evan Marmott have been at the forefront of rebuilding American businesses and reviving the economy one business at a time.

Yellowstone Capital is the nation’s leading merchant cash advance company and has provided alternative financing solutions to tens of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses. As the only alternative finance provider that offers unlimited commercial funds, Yellowstone Capital remains the innovative leader in the merchant cash advance industry.

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