Who will win this battle

It’s hard to surprise anyone with mobile online casinos today. Almost all establishments offer a mobile game, and if the site does not have a mobile version, then it is considered outdated and puts off new users. But that doesn’t mean Australian online casino sites are useless. They are convenient in their own way and remain the choice of hundreds of thousands of gamers. Today we will try to figure out what is better in 2022: playing on the site or in a mobile application, and what should a player choose.

Online casino site: advantages and disadvantages

So you have found an Internet casino that suits you in all functions. The site is easy to rate immediately and understand whether you like it here or not. Web pages have their own advantages:

  • Free space that allows you to evaluate the design of the pages;
  • All major sections are immediately visible, making navigation easy;
  • It is convenient to read large blog posts, slot machine descriptions and other important information;
  • The game takes up most of the screen, you can easily control the process using the mouse or keyboard.
  • You can do several things at once in a single browser: there will be a casino on one tab, and work, social networks or creativity on the other;
  • Access to the phone’s main functions is not restricted.

But online casino sites are not perfect and have drawbacks:

  • To open a casino, you need to perform many actions: turn on the PC, open the browser, find the casino, wait for the pages to load;
  • Ad blocks and notifications pop out that can overlap content if the site is poorly designed;
  • If the computer or the internet signal is weak, then slots and other video games will take a long time to download, which is annoying;
  • The player is tied to a single place, especially if he has a fixed PC and not a laptop.

It can prevent you from playing normally and also does not allow you to be mobile. What about nominations?

Online casino apps: pros and cons

Links to mobile casinos can be found both on the establishment’s website and in app stores. The second option is much better because you can immediately see objective customer reviews and casino ratings. Benefits of apps:

  • You can play anywhere there is internet, so entertainment is available anytime, anywhere;
  • Quick access to your favorite games from the phone’s main menu;
  • Faster loading of games, since the main files are already downloaded to the phone;
  • High-quality games, the image is compact, so even old slot machines look better than on a computer, where they are stretched on a large screen;
  • Separate bonuses more advantageous for mobile users;
  • All types of games are available, just like in a regular casino.

However, it was not without drawbacks:

  • You won’t be able to talk on the phone and play at the same time;
  • Calls and notifications can interfere with gameplay, and to avoid this you need to turn off the connection for a while;
  • The navigation is more confusing, the main blocks are hidden in a separate menu, since it’s impossible to fit everything on a small screen;
  • Reduced copies of games are not always convenient, because if you have a small diagonal, the control buttons will be small.
Photo credit: Tima Miroshnichenko

To be fair, modern mobile casino developers have managed to make managing slots and other games as convenient as possible for players. As a result, gamers don’t experience any issues with the size of the buttons or the inability to hit them.

What to choose ?

According to the results of our comparison, the casino site and its mobile version have 6 advantages and 4 disadvantages. There is no winner in this battle, which means you don’t have to choose. If you find a casino that offers both a mobile app and a website, that’s the most convenient for you.

But if you still have to choose, then a mobile casino is better by a small margin, simply because of the ease of downloading. The main thing is to choose a reliable brand and download it from the App Store, and not from third-party sites.

[Header Image: ANTONI SHKRABA]

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