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Megan Luscombe, Hello Tiger Relationship Expert explains why the launch of Hello Tiger means you shouldn’t give up on dating apps just yet.

Whether you’re freshly single or a veteran of dating apps, the thought of sorting through hundreds of strangers can often feel exhausting, and sometimes a little desperate. We know everyone wants that meet-cute, reach for the same carton of milk in a supermarket type of love, but sometimes we have to take the initiative and find it ourselves.

Navigating the world of modern dating now goes hand in hand with dating apps, so giving up probably won’t do you any favors on your journey to love. Sure, these apps come with their fair share of awkward dating and red flags, but at the end of the day, they’re a fun and unique way to dip your toe into the scene while browsing singles who are looking for the same connection as you. are!

What’s new in the world of digital dating?

With the arrival of Australia’s newest dating app, Hello Tiger, users are subject to a little less editing and embellishment, and a little more authenticity. Once users have matched, they must engage in a 60-second video chat in order to stay in touch. Although intimidating, video chats are a great way to see if we have any banter and potential chemistry with another person. You can’t get these things from just a photo and a random biography. Verbal communication skills are key in dating and a video chat gives singles that experience immediately, allowing them to see what an in-person conversation might look like if they were to take it there (as well as eliminating any potential catfish – finally!).

Not only are dating apps an easy way to bring together eligible singles in your area, but you’re also more likely to consider people you might not meet through more typical dating situations (like a bar or through through friends). And contrary to popular belief, dating apps can actually be a much more personal form of communication. Instead of spending hours creating the “perfect” profile, sometimes a simple conversation is the most effective way to showcase your best qualities. Hello Tiger prioritizes those real-life relationships by forgetting all the bells and whistles and removing the filtered facade that can sometimes accompany online dating.

Besides covering a lot of ground in a shorter amount of time, these apps encourage the return of a traditional date. No more “accidental” run-ins at parties or their local pub, dating apps get straight to the point. After making sure they’re who they say they are (and sending someone you trust to your location), you’re off to dinner or a drink like the good old days!

Why speaking up online isn’t so taboo anymore:

It can sometimes seem like dating apps have a bit of a negative reputation. But thanks to COVID, the whole world is now online, so it only makes sense that we’re becoming more and more comfortable expressing ourselves in this virtual space. Hello Tiger is a new option to meet people, get to know them, physically see their character and mannerisms, all from the comfort of your own home. The fact that people continue to sign up for dating apps is a testament to our progress in removing any negative stigma, giving people the confidence to truly express themselves online.

So the next time you start feeling hopeless about the big, bad world of romance and relationships, don’t give up on dating apps. Instead, forgo boring conversations and don’t compromise your standards, and prioritize real connection with real people!

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Hello Tiger is the new dating app that encourages Australians to find real relationships, with real people, in real time. Ditching the swipe mechanism, Hello Tiger has incorporated a video feature to up the ante, eliminate the fake, and inspire more personal connections on the platform.

Singles, get ready to show off, the Hello Tiger dating app delivers even more adult adventure by reinventing the way we connect in the wild world of online dating.

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