TV Shows’ Most Iconic Secret Societies

TV shows have some of the best known and even loved secret societies that many viewers would like to join. Fans might get to know them iconic fictional secret societies while watching mysteries, supernatural series, as well as some of the healthiest and funniest TV shows.

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While some of these Television Secret Societies were mainly created for members to have fun, others had important missions and goals that affected thousands of people and in some cases even the whole world. It doesn’t matter if a viewer is looking for the best detective shows, epic fantasy adventure tales, or just fun animation, because they can enjoy a great show in any genre while discovering a new and imaginative secret society.


7/7 The Life and Death Squad – Gilmore Girls

The Life and Death Squad in Gilmore Girls

The Life and Death Brigade is Yale University’s infamous secret society for the rich and powerful. Although the main goal of this secret society is to throw epic parties, it has still become one of the best known in television history. This mysterious secret club is known for its wild members who like to come up with creative and often dangerous stunts.

Whereas Gilmore Girls was one of the shows with frustrating endings, it’s still one of the most iconic and wholesome shows of all time with a huge fan base. The story follows the lives of Lorelai and Rori Gilmore as the mother and daughter duo live out their lives surrounded by friends and family in the quirky little town of Stars Hollow.

6/7 Legacy – Poltergeist: Legacy

The Legacy members in Poltergeist: The Legacy

The Legacy is one of television’s oldest secret societies founded in 500 AD to combat all kinds of supernatural evil. Its members have kept its existence a secret and have dedicated their lives to the society’s goals and risked their lives fighting against some of the deadliest evil beings who want to destroy all of humanity.

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Poltergeist: Legacy is one of the most iconic supernatural horror shows of the 90s. Its story followed the lives and adventures of members of The Legacy who tried to stop evil beings and protect humans from all kinds of dangers supernatural.

5/7 Blind Eye Society – Gravity Falls

Members of the Blind Eye Society in Gravity Falls

Blind Eye Society is one of the weirdest and most hilarious secret societies founded by McGucket. His goal was to remove unwanted memories, so he created a device that he even used on himself multiple times. Since the device had negative side effects that affect normal brain function, McGucket’s mind began to deteriorate more and more with each use.

However, the secret society was still active and trying to hide supernatural secrets from all citizens of Gravity Falls and the society was becoming more and more dangerous. Gravity Falls was one of the funniest animated shows with some of the weirdest creatures and strongest animals in cartoons. The story followed Dipper and Mabel who were to spend their summer in the mysterious town of Gravity Falls with their strange great-uncle.

4/7 The Lodge – The Witcher

Yennefer in The Witcher

The Lodge also known as the Lodge of Witches is one of the most iconic fantasy secret societies and the one that all Witcher fans are already talking about it. This secret society was founded by Philippa Eilhart and counted some of the most powerful female mages among its members.

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the witcher is one of the most magical TV shows with many secret organizations, dark secrets and terrifying creatures. The story follows the adventures of Geralt of Rivia as the mutated monster hunter AKA the Witcher embarks on epic adventures and must battle magical beasts and evil wizards and mages.

3/7 Fsociety – Mr. Robot

fsociety member in Mr. Robot

Fsociety is one of the most popular secret societies in television history. This iconic and secretive hacker group was led by the mysterious Mr. Robot. The members were all hackers who preferred to meet and communicate in person, so their communication could not be traced digitally. They were responsible for many cyber attacks against some of the biggest evil corporations.

Fsociety’s goal was to replace the top 1% that controls the world with a liberal society run by ordinary people. Mister Robot was one of the more meandering series that realistically portrayed pirates. The story followed the adventures of Elliot who was a young programmer with a normal day job as an engineer but at night he worked as a vigilante hacker.

2/7 Men of Letters – Supernatural

Sam and Dean in Men of Letters in Supernatural

Men of Letters is one of the oldest and most elite secret societies in Supernatural. Its mysterious members were beholders and observers of all things supernatural and worked to document all things monsters, magic, and arcane arts for many centuries.

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Although they despise most hunters, they have also shared some of their secrets and information with a number of elite hunters when they deemed it necessary. Supernatural had some of the most iconic TV witches and monsters of all time. The story followed the adventures of the Winchester brothers who traveled across the United States as monster hunters to protect innocent humans from evil supernatural beings.

1/7 The VFD – A Series of Unfortunate Events

Olaf in a series of unfortunate events

The VFD, also known as the Volunteer Fire Department, is one of the most iconic secret societies of all time. Just like in the original Lemony Snicket novels, on which the series was based, this secret society had brave members who wanted to fight for a better world for all.

It was a mysterious group of mostly like-minded aristocratic members who tried at all costs to maintain peace and tranquility in the world. A series of unfortunate events is one of the most wholesome and thrilling adventure shows for families. Its story follows the adventures full of twists and mysteries of the three orphans of Baudelaire who lost their parents following a mysterious fire.

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