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How will network shows perform in Emmy names?

You have questions. I have a few answers, starting with an answer for a few questions.

Q: Why was James Spader never nominated for an Emmy for “The Blacklist”? He’s an incredible actor.

Q: What are the chances of “The Equalizer” being nominated for an Emmy?

Answer: Let’s start with the recognition that Spader has received some Emmy love: four nominations and three wins for his work on “Boston Legal,” though his last nomination was more than a dozen years ago. And “The Equalizer” is a respectable show, combining its action framework with a social conscience.

But, as I’ve said before, the Emmys and many other awards tend not to honor solid, unassuming work or wildly popular productions; instead, they’re trying to make themselves look good by praising shows where they see the deep, edgy, innovative, and unconventional — and voters are finding that more often on cable and streaming services.

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In the most recent Emmys, only one drama series nominee was from broadcasting — “This Is Us” — and Netflix’s “The Crown” won; the comedy series winner was the Apple TV+ show “Ted Lasso,” while “black-ish” was the only series airing among the eight nominees. Not so long ago, the Los Angeles Times asked six writers to predict the shows and artists most likely to earn Emmy nominations; of the 13 drama series that got votes, only one was an aired series (“This Is Us” again).

Now, it’s possible that a broadcast show could break through; there’s a lot of pre-Emmys love for the ABC comedy “Abbott Elementary” this year. And some people are successful regardless of the platform; the marvelous Regina King has won Emmys for her work on ABC, HBO and Netflix. But stream success at the Emmys can always be tough in a highly competitive world.

Q: There was an old movie about American spies in Europe and one of the spies got caught because he was “eating” like an American – eating with his fork in the wrong hand. My brother thinks I’m crazy. Please sort this out for us.

Answer: The movie you remember is “OSS,” a 1946 drama starring Alan Ladd (but not as a guy with lethal manners at the table). By the way, OSS stands for Office of Strategic Services, a precursor to the CIA.

Q: There were many special concerts after 9/11, with rich music and many artists. Have any of these concerts been recorded and sold? Are they still available?

Answer: You can still find the two greatest presentations from that era. There is a DVD available of “The Concert for New York City”, which featured David Bowie, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, Destiny’s Child and others; there was also a CD of the concert which can be found but is sometimes expensive. “America: A Tribute to Heroes,” a television special starring Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty, Mariah Carey and more, is available on DVD and CD.

Q: “The Conners” had its Season 4 finale in May. Will there be a fifth season?

Answer: Yes. There have been additional deals because, according to, the main cast members have annual deals instead of multi-year deals, as well as the production company needing a new deal with ABC. But everything is in place for the return of the show in the fall.

Q: Is “Clarice” canceled on CBS? If so, will it eventually appear on another network or streaming service?

Answer: The series, about “Silence of the Lambs” character Clarice Starling, ended after just one season on CBS. No one picked it up for new episodes.

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