Top 5 CW Guilty Pleasure Shows

Even if you don’t live in North America, you’ve seen a CW show before. Typically featuring acne-free teens in their mid-twenties (who, in turn, speak like teens in their mid-twenties), these shows have their pretty protagonists when it comes to issues your regular teenager doesn’t. From mysterious murders to Hollywood stardom and even starting their own businesses, the CW teen drama is better known as teen fantasy. Especially when it features vampires and magic – which is often the case these days.

The CW now normally targets young women between the ages of 18 and 34 – an extraordinarily niche demographic. Indeed, this is reflected in his shows which aside from the aforementioned fantastic storylines also involve plenty of romance accompanied by a dark indie-rock soundtrack. But there are – admittedly – some guilty pleasures among the garbage. It is undeniable that there is a certain level of appeal to some of their shows.

But which, if you dare to venture there, are the most culpable of the guilty pleasure CW TV shows? Let’s look …

5) Véronique Mars (2004-2009)

Véronique Mars

Of all the guilty pleasure TV shows on this list, Véronique Mars is certainly the less the most guilty. After all, he has prominent fans in the form of horror scribe Stephen King and Joss Whedon (he was respectable at the time). And for a CW show, Véronique Mars has a pretty mature and complex storyline (season one shows Veronica trying to find the guy who drugged and raped her a year ago).

So why is it so Well Pin up? Well, the big props go to Kristen Bell, who plays the main character with such wit and liveliness that it’s just hard not to like her. And while the romance is there, it never gets in the way of the season’s arc. There was a reboot (season 4) on Hulu many years after the show’s first three years (as well as a theatrical movie), but its CW debut is the heyday of the series.

4) Riverdale (2017-present)


Riverdale is a trash can. In fact, it is the bottom of the trash can. But like all junk food, Riverdale has addictive quality despite knowing it’s bad for you. It’s the strangest teen drama to ever air, taking iconic Archie characters, making them nervous and unrecognizable, and then giving you a comedic teen thriller. In other words, it’s Archie only in name – and seems to have been written by perpetually stoned writers.

Forget he has a 16-year-old character performing a long strip show on ‘Mad World’. To forget that a teenage girl effortlessly runs her own bar alongside school and family drama and still looks open. And please Forget that the obnoxious redhead who had a soft spot for her brother is also a highly skilled archer. And don’t… actually, don’t forget these things. Because RiverdaleThe seemingly random writing and terrible dialogue’s are unintentionally entertaining – and, indeed, force you to watch to see what they come up with next. Whatever you smoke during the writing sessions, keep doing it, Riverdale writers – we laugh about it all the more.

3) The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017)

Vampire diary

The vampire diary aired just a year after the first TwI light up the film was released. Love stories between vampires and humans reigned over the perch of YA fiction, and obviously the CW was keen to get in on the action. Thereby, The vampire diary was born, based on the long series of novels by LJ Smith. The show made an eternally brooding Nina Dobrev famous and mesmerized viewers with her love triangle of a long series involving her and two vampire men.

Aside from the vampiric stories, Agendas still retains the typical characteristics of the CW teen drama. Yet there is something unmistakably charming about Ian Joseph Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore. Agendas also possess an intriguing amount of knowledge for a show like this, with its setting, Mystic Falls, having a long history of vampiric activity. Its success has spawned spinoffs The originals and Heritage, which is currently in its fourth season.

2) Pretty Little Liars (2010-2018)

If there’s one thing the CW does best, it’s putting beautiful, popular teenage characters in unlikely situations. In the case of Pretty little Liars, it’s a group of girls who are trolled by a mysterious character called “A”, who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets. The series not only explores the typical drama of the genre, but also has the “mystery” hook.

And yes, the series is trash as hell. There are the typical teacher-student relationships, the coming-out stories, and the unusual romances. It’s even ridiculously dragged out (the writers kept the girls in their senior year for four seasons). But the mystery of A, the Liars’ old friend Allison, and the various characters in the plot make for an intriguing drama. And there is Ezra… dear Ezra, the most attractive teacher in the universe.

1) One Tree Hill (2003-2012)

A tree hill

A tree hill is a teenage fantasy, so much from another world; Vampire Agendas almost feels more realistic in comparison. Focusing initially on two rival and passionate basketball half-brothers, Lucas and Nathan Scott, the show gradually expanded from there. We follow the lives of pretty but troubled teenage girls as they navigate high school and, later, postgraduate life. OTHERThe element that stands out is his often cheesy optimism.

And don’t get me wrong. When One Tree Hill is trashy, it’s vulgar. 16-year-olds miraculously conjuring up musical careers, emo cheerleaders and High school kids living in apartments, there are all kinds of nonsense (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg). But there is something compelling about OTHERoptimism as well as its drama. And while it caters to the “shipper” crowd, it’s refreshing to have a teen drama that focuses on the characters’ dreams and aspirations – even if the fact that they all make them come true before 30 years old is a difficult pill to swallow.

Now, with the CW network for sale, who knows what their future will look like in different hands? It is undeniable that the network’s prime-time programming has evolved over the years. From teen dramas to superhero shows, young people gravitate to these shows for a reason.

With that said, what are your sinful pleasures TV shows on The CW? Are there any underrated gems we should know about? Make sure to let us know!

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