Top 25 Best Point-and-Click Adventure Games on Android

Updated on June 7, 2022 – Added a new title

If you’re unfamiliar with the origins of the point-and-click adventure genre, we should probably break things down for you.

The point-and-click part harks back to the PC origins of the genre, where mouse control was the order of the day. In a point-and-click adventure, you literally point your mouse and click through largely static scenes to interact with puzzles.

And of course, the “adventure” part highlights the genre’s love of strong storytelling and fantasy. When you play point-and-click fortune telling, you can expect a thrilling story and a journey into the unknown.

The point-and-click genre hit the scene in the early 90s, with the imperious LucasArts leading the charge through greats like The Secret of Monkey Island.

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After a period in the spotlight, the point-and-click adventure genre has seen a partial resurgence, thanks in large part to the emergence of smartphones as a gaming platform. Being able to touch the screen rather than clicking it adds an extra sense of connection to these engaging games.

Along with a slew of re-releases and remakes, we now have a whole bunch of point-and-click originals to enjoy on our Android phones and tablets. These are some of our favorites.

Original article by Jon Mundy, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.

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