This hilarious AR app teaches kids financial responsibility

Teaching children about finances at an early age is a lesson they can follow into adulthood.

Adventures with Zeee Bucks is a mobile AR experience designed to help young people sharpen their financial skills by earning and saving Zeee dollars, and even helping them save real money.

Created by male in partnership with Allied bank, Adventures with Zeee Bucks follows the character of Emma, ​​a hardworking young woman who is looking to save her money but also wants to be able to reward herself when she comes across something she likes. Together, you both explore the ins and outs of financial literacy.

But Emma isn’t the only character kids meet throughout the experience. Players will meet some of her friends, some of whom will encourage Emma and the players to spend outside of their budgets.

I think it’s safe to say that we all have a friend like that.

The app uses AR to create an interactive world where kids can tap the screen to bring Emma to life where she talks about important financial lessons they can use to save their hard-earned cash. Each lesson is rich in stories and allows children to explore different scenarios in a fun way. After all, learning and discovery should be fun!

Think of the experience as an interactive storybook that gamifies financial accountability through AR animation to provide kids with an entertaining and educational experience! No more boring adult money lectures!

For children, their first interaction with money is normally about spending, which is easy for them to understand. So it’s important that parents have the right tools to help them learn the other side of spending.

Saving teaches children the importance of discipline and delayed gratification as well as goal setting and planning. All of these things become incredibly valuable as they get older and it also helps children be more independent.

Having something like a piggy bank is an amazing visual tool for achieving all of these goals.

What’s also cool is that when you download the app, Ally Bank will send your kids a kit that includes their very own little piggy bank, play money, and other earning and savings information that makes them happy. will help track Emma. Of course, your kids can use real money if they want!

Adventures with Zeee Bucks is a wonderful tool you can use to help your children develop financial skills that they can carry over into adulthood. You can download the app today for free on the iOS and android stores.

Credit: Ally Financial Inc.

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