The Aggie Awards – The Best Adventure Games of 2021

What. A year.

It’s been hopeful, it’s been scary, it’s been tragic, it’s been lovely, sometimes all at once. The one constant in an otherwise crazy and turbulent year is the steady stream of great new adventures once again. This time over 200!!

It’s a lot of games to play and a lot of decisions to make to reach a verdict on the winners of this year’s Aggie Awards. Getting to our ten nominated finalists was hard enough, so narrowing them down further to a top five and an ultimate winner was downright painful. But you know this, because many of you faced the same dilemma while voting in our reader poll.

So, before we continue, first a round of applause for the many talented and dedicated adventure game developers who have provided us with so many moments of entertaining pleasure during an often difficult year. Kudos to all of you, even if you didn’t walk away with an Aggie statuette for your efforts.

And now with the show! The champions have been chosen, the envelopes filled, and it’s time to recognize the crème de la crème of 2021.

Let the Aggie Awards begin!


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Page 2: Best Story
Page 3: Best Writing – Comedy
Page 4: Best Writing – Drama
Page 5: Best Character
Page 6: Better Playability
Page 7: Best Concept
Page 8: Best Setting
Page 9: Best Graphic Design
Page 10: Best Animation
Page 11: Best Music
Page 12: Best Acting (Voice or Live Action)
Page 13: Best Sound Effects
Page 14: The Silver Aggies
Page 15: Best Non-Traditional Adventure
Page 16: Best Traditional Adventure
Page 17: Best Adventure of 2021
Page 18: Endnotes

First up: the best story…the envelope, please!

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