The 10 Best PS2 Action-Adventure Games Of All Time, According To Ranker

The PlayStation 2 was a gaming industry titan in its day, and it’s still one of the most successful consoles of all time. This generation has seen Sony’s flagship build an impressive catalog of games, many of which fall into the action-adventure genre. Action-adventure has the potential to be one of the most versatile genres in gaming, and the PS2 has taken great advantage of this.

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Combining it with subgenres like stealth action, open world, and RPGs, these games each offer something that gave the PS2 its variety. The electoral community at private soldier have compiled their list of the top 10 PS2 games in this category, and they all fall into the aforementioned subgenres as well.


ten grand theft auto san andreas

Collage of promotional characters for GTA: San Andreas

rock star games Grand Theft Auto The franchise has long since become one of the “event” titles in the video game industry. A new Rockstar game usually marks a special occasion, but GTA is undoubtedly the publisher/developer’s flagship series.

San Andreas to this day, the highest level is still fondly remembered, and it is one of the best Grand Theft Auto games when it comes to story. Unsurprisingly, much of the praise also went to its addictive game mechanics and open sandbox environment.

9 The shadow of the colossus

Ride on his horse Agro and fight a colossus.

Japan Studio and Team Ico’s The shadow of the colossus was a one-of-a-kind game when it launched on PS2 in 2005, and it made a resounding impression on gamers. Likewise, it was a major milestone for the gaming medium as a whole, as The shadow of the colossus showed the strength of games’ versatility in terms of storytelling and artistic expression.

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The game was praised for its minimalist yet immersive world design; a creative mix of action, puzzle-solving and platforming; and for its emotionally resonant and tragic story. The shadow of the colossus later got a top-down remake on the PS4 by Bluepoint Games.

8 god of war II

Before the franchise spawned one of the greatest PS4 games of all time, Santa Monica Studios God of the war was already a beloved blockbuster back in the PS2 days. While the franchise has arguably taken the next best step from a story perspective for the 2018 game, god of war II was critically acclaimed as an exciting and visceral action game.

The combat has been praised for its weapon variety, combo-based mechanics, and thrilling boss battles. god of war II sees Kratos continuing his quest for revenge against Zeus with Gaia’s help.

seven Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Key Art

Although Konami has treated its estimated IP addresses as an afterthought for several years, Hideo Kojima Solid metal gear the original idea series is still highly regarded today. The franchise is essentially the poster child for stealth action games (presumably alongside Burst cell and Hitman), and snake eater easily become among the best Solid metal gear Games.

Although this is the third main title, its premise dates back to the 70s in a more down to earth story featuring Naked Snake. The game has won acclaim for its creative use of stealth mechanics, its less convoluted plot, and its gripping and emotionally harrowing story.

6 Kingdom Hearts 2

Sora with the rest of the main Kingdom Hearts II cast in the cover art.

From Square Enix Final Fantasy Franchise JRPG, Kingdom Hearts is an action-adventure/RPG that worked as an original story and a celebration of classic Square characters and Disney IPs.

The first two games established themselves as PS2 classics, with Kingdom Hearts 2 follow the success of the original with a lore-rich story and entertaining real-time combat. The Kingdom Hearts The franchise also built a stellar reputation for its dynamic presentation, which was a great complement to the sequel’s mechanical improvements.

5 Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Solid Snake holding a gun in the pouch of MGS2.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty received some degree of controversy for how it surprisingly changed Solid Snake for Raiden as the game’s protagonist early on, but it received critical acclaim nonetheless. Its gameplay improvements over the beloved original game were warmly welcomed, and it featured a deeply layered story to give it a cinematic experience.

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Some criticism also came from the side of the story, as some felt it was unnecessarily convoluted and broke gameplay segments too often. Nevertheless, its overall praise seems to overcome these drawbacks and it is still viewed favorably in retrospect.

4 bully

Jimmy Hopkins with the game's antagonist whispering to him in Bully promotional art.

bully is another acclaimed classic from Rockstar Games, however, it was unfortunately overlooked by the publisher/developer for unclear reasons. There were older reports of a sequel having been scrapped, which is a shame considering how fun and inventive bully was with its premise.

As the title suggests, players take on the role of a juvenile delinquent who has transferred to a posh high school as he tries to climb the ranks of its social hierarchy. bully was well received for its narrative and satirical nature, as well as the way the mission structure blended gameplay elements.

3 Kingdom Hearts

Sora and company.  standing in front of a heart-shaped moon in Kingdom Hearts promotional art.

The 2002 original launched what would become a JRPG icon in the gaming industry, thanks in part to its colorful fusion of Final Fantasy and Disney properties. Kingdom Hearts begins the saga with young Sora teaming up with Donald Duck, Goofy and Micky Mouse to fight against a dark evil organization and save his friends.

The premise of this franchise is certainly wild, and even more so for how well it works. Kingdom Hearts was praised for how it mixed real-time action and JRPG elements – something that was bold in the early 2000s – and how surprisingly good Square Enix was and mesh of Disney characters.

2 God of the war

god of war 1

the original God of the war was a juggernaut in its own right, with Santa Monica Studios launching what would become one of the most memorable franchises in video game history. Kratos begins his bloody quest for revenge here by tracking down his former mentor Ares, who tricked him into killing his wife and daughter.

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Even in the original game, the fast-paced, combo-driven combat presents itself as an engaging action game today. God of the war was also praised for making quick events (QTEs) a fun gameplay element before other games began to exhaust convention.

1 the devil may cry

Key art for Devil May Cry 1

It is one of Capcom’s IP mascots alongside resident Evil, street fighterand monster hunterwith the devil may cry serving as the publisher’s must-have action-adventure series. Along with the exhilarating and challenging combat, players were quickly hooked on its blend of supernatural horror and violence with over-the-top goofy campiness.

the devil may cry features Dante, a demon hunter for hire on a quest to kill the demon responsible for the death of his family. The game – and the series as a whole – wears its edgy, whimsical heart on its sleeve in a way that’s hard not to enjoy the fast-paced run.

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