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Foxwoods celebrating 30 years in Connecticut, a job fair for veterans and their families in New Jersey, and Laurence Fishburne promoting a WSOP app are some of the news CardsChat gathered during another orbit around the poker world last week.

Laurence Fishburne is the new face of the WSOP play-for-fun poker app. (Image: Playtika)

Laurence Fishburne is the new face of the fun poker app “Official World Series of Poker”. An advertisement featuring the veteran actor was broadcast across the country encouraging players to “become a legend!”

“I know the WSOP and I’m fascinated by the spirit of the game (poker). I’m excited to be a part of this game and hope people enjoy my presence and it brings them some joy,” he said in a press release.

The play money app is the 10th most downloaded casino game on the Apple Store and has been downloaded over 1.5 million times on Google Play. It can also be found on playwsop.com.

Playtika, the mobile gaming application company with over 35 million monthly users, is licensing the WSOP brand from Caesars Interactive Entertainment. This has nothing to do with real money customers from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan and Nevada.

Playtika has released a fun behind-the-scenes video from the making of the ad featuring Fishburne. The video can be found here.

Foxwoods celebrates three decades

Happy birthday to Foxwoods Casino as they begin a year-long 30th anniversary celebration this week.

As a founding member of the World Poker Tour in 2002, Foxwoods and its massive 100-table poker room has become a go-to destination for East Coast poker players.

The Connecticut Tribal Casino opened on February 15, 1992, but debuted as a bingo hall in 1989. Today, the resort is one of the largest casino resorts in the United States and s will expand even further in the coming years. Plans include a massive indoor water park, a new “high-stakes” bingo hall, and a new 75,000 square foot exhibition center.

The casino is also offering $30,000 to customers every day this week.

“This year marks an incredible milestone for Foxwoods and the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe. Not only is it our 30th anniversary, but it’s our most significant year of evolution, innovation and development for the property yet, and we’re just getting started,” said Jason Guyotchairman and CEO of Foxwoods, in a press release.

The Foxwoods poker room used to be referred to as the WPT room, but the partnership ended after 10 years without much explanation in 2012. The last time the WPT stopped at Foxwoods was in 2011.

Maria Konnikova wins another award

The Global Poker Index has announced that it has awarded Maria Konnikova its 2021 Award of Merit for her book on succeeding as a professional poker player – “The Biggest Bluff: How I Learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself, and Win “.

Konnikova is an award-winning writer who is a regular contributor to The New Yorker. After publishing her second book, “The Confidence Game”, she turned her attention to the game of poker. In 2016, she convinced Erik Seidel to coach her as she attempted to live a year as a professional poker player.

That year was extended by an accidental second career as a semi-professional poker player. Her best tournament result came in 2018 when she won the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Championship for $84,600.

She put off writing her book to focus on poker, eventually publishing “The Biggest Bluff” in 2020 after winning over $300,000 playing tournaments.

She was nominated for a GPI award in 2018 as an “escape gamer”. She is also an expert in fraud recognition.

The GPI Awards take place Friday at the PokerGo Studio at the Aria. The live broadcast on PokerGo begins at 5:00 PM PST.

Detroit casino drops mask requirement

Detroit’s MotorCity Casino will drop its mask mandate for vaccinated customers starting Thursday.

Masks will still be required for players and guests who have not completed vaccination.

Face masks are still required at Greektown and MGM Grand Detroit casinos.

New Jersey Casino Career Fair for Vets and Family Members

A casino veterans job fair will be held on April 28 to fill 1,800 positions at New Jersey casinos.

Sponsored by the New Jersey Casino Control Board, the American Legion, the New Jersey Department of Veterans Affairs, New Jersey State Parole, and the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, the fair was postponed the year last due to COVID.

All active duty, National Guard, reservists, veterans and their family members are encouraged to attend. Veterans can register in advance, but walk-ins are welcome. The fair takes place in the Casino Control Commission parking lot in Atlantic City.

Veterans are also encouraged to apply directly to casinos. You can find more information and links to the casino’s corporate websites here.

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Bob Pajich

Bob Pajich is a poker journalist, creative writer, and poker player who has never encountered any suited connectors he doesn’t like.

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Best adventure games according to Metacritic https://greatmumadventure.com/best-adventure-games-according-to-metacritic/ Sun, 16 Jan 2022 08:00:00 +0000 https://greatmumadventure.com/best-adventure-games-according-to-metacritic/ Each video game is, in its own way, an adventure. But there are only a few games that can truly capture what it means to be an adventure game. These games tend to be exploration heavy and most of the time also rely on a deep story. RELATED: Best First-Person Adventure Games Of All Time, […]]]>

Each video game is, in its own way, an adventure. But there are only a few games that can truly capture what it means to be an adventure game. These games tend to be exploration heavy and most of the time also rely on a deep story.

RELATED: Best First-Person Adventure Games Of All Time, Ranked

There are other elements, like combat and puzzles, that are part of the journey as well. But generally, adventure games are broad and can take different forms. Some of the best games ever made are considered adventure games, but each of these games is very different from the other. These are the best and worst adventure games ever made, thanks to Metacritic’s rating system.

Updated January 16, 2022 by Chris Birsner: Adventure games are meant to be celebrated, so this article has been expanded to focus only on the classics that shaped what the genre is today. This includes games that changed the way players view Adventure Mode gameplay, improved storytelling to make audiences feel more comfortable with characters, and introduced new ways to interact with puzzles. From walking simulators to deep experiences that require a lot of skill and patience, the best adventure games can paint a wide brush and have had a huge impact on what the industry releases today.

ten What Remains of Edith Finch (Metacritical score: 89)

The Finch house in What remains of Edith Finch

Walking simulators have become a unique subgenre of adventure games, with many big hits released over the past decade. However, no walking simulator has been as unique and imaginative as What Remains of Edith Finch.

Developed by Giant Sparrow, What Remains of Edith Finch begins with Edith revisiting an old house she used to live in. The house is really weird, but it gives the player a glimpse into each of the family members, all of whom are no longer alive due to strange circumstances. The player learns each of these stories through creative storytelling mechanics.


A corpse lying on the bridge in Return of the Obra Dinn

It’s weird to call something an adventure game when it’s all in one place, but The return of the Obra Dinn takes players on a journey of a different kind. The game revolves around an inspector tasked with examining a ship that has come ashore after being lost at sea.

The inspector’s job is to examine the dead bodies on board, identify who they were on the ship’s list, and give them an official cause of death. The return of the Obra Dinn gives players a device that allows them to return to the time of each passenger’s disappearance to help them make decisions while weaving an interesting narrative of a wild journey.

Cole Phelps gets out of his car in LA Noire

Rockstar Games has had plenty of adventures in breaking the law, but how about a game where players rule the roost? Set in 1947 in Los Angeles, The black has players who take on the role of Cole Phelps as he progresses from patrol cop to homicide and through various other divisions of the department.

RELATED: LA Noire: A Case-by-Case Guide to Going Through the Traffic Bureau

The open world setting allows players to tackle various cases on the streets. However, the essential part of The black investigates cases and interviews witnesses and suspects. Plus, the story unfolds in a way that lets Phelps know there’s more going on in the town than he thought.

The chicory handler's house: a colorful tale

Adventure games can sometimes be incredibly brutal with the way the setting is set and the story unfolds. With Chicory: a colorful storyeven some rough dives into the darker parts of the characters don’t detract from an overall wholesome experience.

The players are a small, anthropomorphic dog who worked as a janitor for the Wielder, a person who possesses a paintbrush that brings color to the world. After the current wielder hands over the brush to the player, it’s up to them to paint the world again. There are many puzzle and adventure elements in this game, but the strength of the game lies in the story and the characters.

April Ryan in The Longest Journey

While there are plenty of big names in the adventure genre these days, sometimes older games slip out of public conversation. A good example of this is The longest journeya classic point-and-click adventure released in 2000 and published by Funcom.

The story revolves around an art student named April Ryan, known as Shifter. This is because she can switch between the dimensions of Stark, which is the most “scientific” universe, and Arcadia, the most “magical” universe. The object of the game is to restore the balance between these two.

The greatest games ever made are often indie games, and Journey is a perfect example. Players assume the role of a robed individual in the middle of a desert. The object of the game is to get to a nearby mountain.

Along the way, players could encounter other players who could only communicate with musical chimes. It was all about allowing players to make emotional connections in a simple way. The story is told through visual cut scenes without dialogue. Despite its short length, Journey is considered one of the best Playstation 3 games.

The highest-grossing game of all time, Minecraft can be played in so many ways that it fits into different genres. Adventure is one of the most important elements of Minecraft as the main gameplay is to explore a randomly generated open world.

RELATED: Brilliant Minecraft House Ideas

Minecraft is iconic for the ability it gives players to explore and create in these beautiful worlds. Despite its less than stellar graphics, the game has attracted so many gamers across the world due to this built-in flexibility. Not only is an adventure pre-generated for the player, but players themselves can create their own adventure for others.

Although he’s gone, Telltale Games’ impact on the industry will not be forgotten. This is well demonstrated by their greatest success, The Walking Dead. The game is based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman and features unique animation similar to the series.

Lee Everett is the main protagonist and a convicted criminal who was freed during a global zombie apocalypse. Lee spends The Walking Dead trying to survive while protecting an orphan girl named Clementine.

by Tim Schafer sinister fandango is over 20 years old. To this day, it’s still near the top of the greatest adventure games ever made. The game takes place in the Land of the Dead. This world is the hub between life and the afterlife.

The players are Manuel “Manny” Calavera, a travel agent who tries to rescue Mercedes “Meche” Colomar on her cross-country trip. Gameplay includes puzzle solving throughout the journey, with clues provided through conversation trees. sinister fandango was praised for its story, gameplay, art direction, and soundtrack.

The last of us is not only the best adventure game according to Metacritic. It is arguably one of the greatest games ever made. The game is set twenty years after the start of a pandemic that has turned many members of civilization into infected monsters.

The last of us follows Joel as he attempts to bring a teenage girl, Ellie, across the United States. Ellie is immune to disease and could help save others. The game was praised for its writing and storytelling, as well as its excellent gameplay.

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mario strikers
Mario Strikers: Battle League announced, gameplay shown during Nintendo Direct

During the latest Nintendo Direct, the company announced Mario Strikers: Battle League, a new iteration of a beloved spin-off.

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Best Adventure Games Choose Your Own Games for Android 2021 – 80 Days Overboard Reigns: Her Majesty and more https://greatmumadventure.com/best-adventure-games-choose-your-own-games-for-android-2021-80-days-overboard-reigns-her-majesty-and-more/ Sun, 14 Nov 2021 08:00:00 +0000 https://greatmumadventure.com/best-adventure-games-choose-your-own-games-for-android-2021-80-days-overboard-reigns-her-majesty-and-more/ There are many adventure game books on the play store, ranging from modern love stories to zombie-filled dice battles to the death. But which are the best? That’s the question we’re trying to answer with this list. We probably didn’t answer it correctly, but we did our best. If you have your own suggestions for […]]]>

There are many adventure game books on the play store, ranging from modern love stories to zombie-filled dice battles to the death. But which are the best?

That’s the question we’re trying to answer with this list. We probably didn’t answer it correctly, but we did our best. If you have your own suggestions for games that should have been included, let us know in the comments.

You can click on the game names below to rush and download them from the play store.

Tin Man Games is one of the developers who sparked the renaissance of the digital playbook. This app brings together a whole bunch of different digitized versions of the classic Fighting Fantasy games. It’s free with IAP, and you’ll get a playbook for downloading it.

Choice of Games has plenty of great gamebooks to choose from, and frankly, they’re all worth checking out. This one takes place in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe, so you can expect vampiric encounters, role-playing, and more.

Another from Tin Man Games. This is an adaptation of Ryan North’s version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It’s a less dark affair than the play, however, and it’ll make you laugh more than once.

Inkle took the shape of the playbook and then built upon it, creating something magical along the way. It’s a tale of Around the World in 80 Days from the perspective of Fogg’s valet Passepartout, and set in an alternate steampunk reality.

Along with its adaptations, Tin Man Games is also doing a great job on its own original titles. This app collects the first three Gamebook Adventures books. There are assassins, necromancers, and more dice rolls than you can roll.

Cubus Games has done a great job at the grittier end of the gamebook spectrum. Its sci-fi adventures are worth a look, but this mix of horror, action and time-sensitive Napoleonic-era objectives is the crème de la crème.

The second entry on this list from Inkle. This one sees you trying to get away with murder on a cruise ship. It has some really clever ideas, and although it’s short, you’ll be replaying it multiple times to find the different endings.

Reigns games bring interesting and quick changes to the playbook model, as well as nagging in a deep vein of replayability. You try to lead your country to prosperity, while trying not to die along the way. When you perish, it’s time to lead the next generation.

Florence may not be the longest play in the world, but it is a deeply touching exploration of modern love and loss. It looks more like an interactive comic than an actual CYOA game, but still worth checking out.

Another example of everything Inkle can do with the gamebook framework. This one is a little more traditional than the other Inkle games on the list, with swords, magic, and monsters, but it’s still absolutely brilliant.

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Best Story-Based Adventure Games for Android and iOS https://greatmumadventure.com/best-story-based-adventure-games-for-android-and-ios/ Tue, 21 Apr 2020 07:00:00 +0000 https://greatmumadventure.com/best-story-based-adventure-games-for-android-and-ios/ These days, the “gamer” tag is applied to almost everyone who plays games, regardless of how often they do so and what platform they use. This platform can be anything from a PC, Mac, console, smartphone, tablet, or anything that has a built-in screen. Playing games is probably one of the main entertainment activities for […]]]>

These days, the “gamer” tag is applied to almost everyone who plays games, regardless of how often they do so and what platform they use. This platform can be anything from a PC, Mac, console, smartphone, tablet, or anything that has a built-in screen. Playing games is probably one of the main entertainment activities for many people who are self-isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re looking for some casual fun between gaming sessions, we’ve got a dozen titles we think are worth spending some time with. In fact, some of these mobile games could replace your daily dose of PC or console gaming.

We’ve curated some of the best story and adventure games released on Android or iOS in the past couple of years. We wanted to include as many great games as possible and there are several that launched a year or two ago. Without further ado, let’s check out some great games.


Price: $4.99

GRIS is one of those games you’ll have no trouble understanding because it doesn’t use text to tell its story. While GRIS is definitely a story-based game, it sends players on an emotional journey using simple control reminders in the form of universal icons. Light puzzles and platforming sequences aside, GRIS is a beautiful game, with hand-painted visuals and an incredible story of grief and loss experienced through the eyes of a young woman. GRIS is a very nice looking game that has already been praised by critics and gamers alike, so it was probably one of the easier picks in our curated selection of titles.

Without beef

Price: $4.99

Oxenfree, our next pick, is aimed at Stranger Things fans without actually being a Stranger Things game. Developed by the good folks at Night School, Oxenfree is a supernatural mystery graphic adventure game where players step into the shoes of a teenage girl who visits a local island with a group of friends. Oxenfree is a mix of teen drama and supernatural thriller that has a similar 80s vibe that made Stranger Things famous. It’s a must-have game for those who love supernatural mystery, synth tunes, and comic book-like visuals.

The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature

Price: $3.99

The next game we are going to talk about is weird and not just because of its name, but mostly because of the gameplay. The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature is a game co-produced by ARTE, a well-known European cultural TV and digital channel. It’s a different take on the Frankenstein mythos, one that involves you playing the role of the creature, a wanderer with no memory or past, who has no concept of right and wrong. Depending on the creature’s emotions throughout the game, the landscape changes to breathtaking or dark and gloomy landscapes. The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s is all about the visuals and unique atmosphere, but the game also has some stunning tunes.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

Price: Free

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is a remake of the classic point-and-click adventure game of the same name released in 1993. Playing Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is like being the protagonist of a crime novel written by Agatha Christie, but this time you’ll be solving murders using so-called “dumb cursors”. This means that you will need to select the correct cursor for a specific interaction with an object on the screen. Yes, it’s a bit more complicated than the contextual cursor in traditional adventure games, which change depending on what the cursor is hovering over, but it’s one of the traits that makes Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers rather unique.

Forgotten Anne

Price: Free

Forgotton Anne is one of the few games on the list with a truly charming story (yes, sorry about that). The game takes place in a fictional world where lost objects come to life. All of these objects hope that their owners will remember where they lost them and that they will eventually return to the real world. Anne, the game’s protagonist, is one of the Guardians of the Forgotten Lands, who must crush a rebellion that could prevent her from returning to the real world. Aesthetically, Forgotton Anne features a lively hand-drawn style, but the real ‘piece de resistance’ is the orchestral score performed by the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra.

Samorost 3

Price: $1.99

Amanita Design is a name that needs no introduction among hardcore gamers. The studio has an impressive portfolio that includes titles like Machinarium, Botanicula, Pilgrims, and Samorost. While not the most recent games released by Amanita Design, Samorost 3 is one of the studio’s best looking titles. High definition graphics make Samorost 3 look great on small and large screens. Unlike traditional point-and-click adventure games, Samorost 3 does not feature understandable dialogue, and the sound recording was created by people making strange noises into microphones. If those aren’t good reasons to play Samorost 3, then maybe the fact that the game has won a handful of major awards might convince some of you to give it a try.


Price: $4.99

LIMBO is the gamer’s equivalent of film noir. The developers used black and white tones to construct the dark, shadowy landscapes and creatures that roam the world of LIMBO. The excellent use of lighting and film grain effects will probably give you weird feelings, but so does Hitchcock’s Psycho and it’s still considered one of the best classic horror films. In LIMBO, you’ll control a boy through haunting environments using simple controls like running left or right, jumping, climbing, and pushing or pulling. Although LIMBO features strong game mechanics, it is an example of games as an art form. Yes, the game is a little light on the story, but if you have a knack for the horror genre, LIMBO is the perfect way to quench that thirst.

Never alone

Price: $4.99

Never Alone is an adventure game that lets you switch between the two main characters: a girl and a fox. You’ll be forced to switch between the two companions to solve puzzles or reach certain areas of the game. Never Alone tells a traditional Alaska Native story that has been shared from generation to generation. The game features impressive yet challenging arctic environments, which players must brave to reach at the end of their journey. Besides the main story, each time players complete a challenge, they will be rewarded with cultural information, short stories told by members of the Alaska Native community, and storytellers. If you’re not too keen on the platforming and puzzle game elements, you’ll surely love the story that Never Alone sets out to tell.

The Walking Dead

Price: Free (only the first episode)

Then The Walking Dead is a game everyone probably knows from the hit TV series. Unlike traditional adventure games, The Walking Dead replaces puzzles with character development and storytelling. Although there are no puzzles to solve in the game, there are surely a lot of QTEs (Quick Events) to perform. What makes this game unique for its genre is that every choice you make throughout the game influences the story and the journey to the next episode. The Walking Dead is based on the comic book series and consists of five episodes.

The wolf among us

Price: Free (only the first episode)

A similar game in terms of gameplay, The Wolf Among Us tells the story of Bigby Wolf, a detective who investigates the murder of a woman. Fans know it’s a comic book prequel, but here’s a quick look at the premise if you’ve never heard of the game. The Wolf Among Us is set in a fictional colonial America where the inhabitants of the magical lands fled from a mysterious tyrant. Since they are not human, they must use an enchantment called glamor to hide their appearance. And yes, you’ll most likely recognize many folktale characters like Little Red Riding Hood, The Lumberjack, The Little Mermaid, Bloody Mary, and the protagonist, The Big Bad Wolf.

life is strange

Price: Free (only the first episode)

Life Is Strange is another story-driven, episodic graphic adventure that follows the adventures of a young college student who discovers she can turn back time. Unfortunately, every time she changes something in the past, she triggers the butterfly effect, which means that every little change in the initial conditions would lead to different results later. If the game’s premise piqued your interest, you’ll be glad to know that the story is even better.

The Silent Age

Price: $4.99

The Silent Age is probably the oldest game on the list, so chances are many have already heard of it. It’s a point-and-click adventure game set in a dystopian future where humanity has disappeared. You play as a janitor trying to save humanity using time travel. The janitor/time travel combo is by far the least weird thing about The Silent Age. We’ll just throw out a few other concepts that appear in the game, so you have an idea of ​​what to expect: communism, spies, portable time machines, cryochambers, and lots of time travel.