Sushil Modi slams VVIP treatment of convict; ‘shows the direction in which Bihar is heading’

The VVIP treatment of a murder convict in Bihar has stirred huge political controversy in the state. Speaking to Republic TV, BJP leader and former Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi reacted to the incident and said the treatment of Anand Mohan under the Mahagatbandhan administration gave insight of the direction in which Bihar was heading.

“The swearing in of ministers has not even taken place, and we can already see in which direction Bihar is going. Dozens of incidents like Anand Mohan are going to happen. Instead of being sent to jail, he is sent to the government house,” Sushil Modi said.

Meanwhile, JD(U) tried to downplay the incident and said action was taken after the incident came to light. JDU’s Neeraj Kumar told Republic: “We were informed by the media and the police headquarters became aware of it. Those responsible will have to deal with actions.

Murder convict Anand Mohan becomes government guest

Less than a week after the Mahagathbandhan alliance came to power in Bihar, a convicted murderer has become a guest of the government, Republic learned on Monday. Sources told the channel that former Bihar People’s Party MP Anand Mohan who was convicted in the 1994 murder case of Gopalganj District Magistrate G. Krishnaiah and jailed in Saharsa District Jail , was brought to Patna to be heard by the District Court. After the hearing on the way back to prison, Mohan stayed at a house in the Khagadia government circuit for one night, sources said.

Republic TV spoke to Ashok, one of Khagadia Circuit House’s employees, who confirmed that he said: “Yes, Anand Mohan came on the 12th night and two rooms were booked in the name of his MP son Chetan Anand. Rooms number 2 and 3 were reserved in his name. In one room Anand Mohan stayed and in the second room his associates stayed. The police group stayed downstairs elsewhere. In the Circuit House Records Register accessible by the Channel, we can see two rooms reserved under the name of his wife Lovely Anand and his son Chetan Anand.

Meanwhile, BJP leader and Union minister Giriraj Singh hit out at the Mahagathbandhan and said: “RJD leader Anand Mohan who is serving a life sentence in the murder case from DM, reached his house instead of jail. This is the power of Jungle Raj from RJD JDU,” Singh tweeted in Hindi.

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