Submerged Future Adventure Game Series Officially Announced

Key Shibuya, developer of new titles like Lost Ember, Superhot, Project Nimbus, etc., has announced a new sci-fi game, Glaciered.

According to the article published by PRtimes Japan, the upcoming sci-fi action-adventure game is currently under development by Shibuya’s personal game studio, Snowblind. The game is set 65 million years in the future, where evolved birds land in the icy seas that have completely submerged the entire Earth. A Steam page is now available for fans to wishlist Glaciered. Unfortunately, no release date for the upcoming title has yet been announced.

Glaciered depicts an amazing world that has been influenced by the constant Everwinter. A new frozen golden age where new species of plants and fish roam and possess biological attributes beyond common sense. You play with some of these modified fish named Tuai, a bioform of the extinct dinosaurs that will survive. They can adapt, thrive and fight in this eternal winter, and the threats are on the verge of extinction.

In addition to the flora and fauna of the ocean, these new species of fish learn to adapt to the new world and can swim at high speeds and then vaporize their water. They can use disposable blades made of instant crystals to fight heat and manipulate heat. Glaciered players can experience other unique ecosystems and be able to battle new generations of fish that have learned their own way of adapting to change.

Glaciered supports NIVIDA RTX and players can experience far future Earth in 4K with ray tracing and DLSS; 8K are also used for the main characters. The game is the studio’s first automatic work, and the goal of this mission is to create titles that pursue the individuality and creativity inherent in indie games. According to the Steam store website, the game is intended to support English and audio. The price and release date of the game are not yet decided.

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