Stories Untold experimental narrative adventure launches on Xbox One and PS4


If the in-game scene was filled with similar experiences, it would become extremely outdated, extremely quickly. And so, when we find something on Xbox One and PS4 that threatens to tear up the rulebook and attempt something different, our ears straighten. This is the case here today with the launch of Untold Stories.

Not to be confused with Lovecraft’s Untold StoriesDevolver Digital’s Stories Untold takes the usual kind of storytelling before folding it and blending it into something a little more unique, delivering four short stories for players in a mysterious anthology.

Priced at £ 8.39 on the Xbox Store, with a small introductory discount lower than the £ 7.99 from PlayStation Store asking price, Untold Stories mixes classic text-based adventures with point-and-click elements. The hope is that this in turn will make for a rather fascinating, rather fantastic experience.

With old-fashioned retro visuals, a sublime synth-wave soundtrack, and plenty of genre leaps, if you’re looking for something to get your teeth into, Stories Untold might just deliver.

  • – Four unique stories, with their own settings, gameplay and mechanics.
  • – Play mind-blowing text adventures, process radio transmissions, and conduct bizarre artifact experiments.
  • – A magnificent retro-aesthetic brings back vivid memories, or a glimpse of what once was.
  • – Sublime synth-wave horror soundtrack, inspired by horror soundtracks of the 80s.
  • – Genre leap: from psychological horror to tense mystery and terrifying science fiction; Stories Untold is really “4 stories, 1 nightmare”.

To get involved in these latest stories on Xbox One and PS4, simply head to your favorite digital store. We’ll definitely get a little preview of the Xbox One version of Stories Untold coming in the coming days as well.

Description of the game:

“Stories Untold” is an experimental storytelling adventure game that turns the genre into something completely unique. Combining a blend of classic text-based adventure, point-and-click and more, 4 short stories come together in a single mysterious anthology that has been described as “a fantastic and fascinating example of interactive visual storytelling” (Telegraph 5/5) and has received critical acclaim since its release.

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