Steam’s Big Adventure Event celebrates adventure games in all their forms

The wild and varied landscape of modern adventure games is the subject of some love in Steam’s latest digital event, The Big Adventure Event, which takes a few days to show you the frankly astonishing array of things to come in the game. kind. There are 50 demos for upcoming and newly released games, too, right on the Big Adventure Event page. The event is accompanied by a series of live broadcasts from the developers of these many upcoming games showing what they have ahead of their release.

In addition to all the demos, a wide variety of genres are presented with selections organized into different sub-genres. A Hearty Laugh Shows Comedy Games, Splendidly Supernatural has an everyday weirdness, and there’s more: Animal Protagonists, Pretty as a Picture, Spinetingling Thrills, A Detective’s Work, Mindbenders, Retro Roots, and Sci-fi.

The event highlights some games that we loved the look of and are happy to see are about to release this year, or have already released, to boot: the dark and fantastical wanderings of Roadwarden, Aquamarine’s psychological science fiction, and the sheer comedy of The Calvary Procession are all featured.

You can find the event on Steam’s The Big Adventure event sales page. You have until January 25 to take advantage of it.

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