Stadia is preparing to add two action-adventure games, including Trine 4

Stadia is gearing up to release more new games in the future and two of the upcoming ones will be in the action-adventure genre, including Trine 4.

If you’ve never played a Trine game before, the gameplay style is very action-adventure with lots of puzzle elements and platform-style camera angles. As the camera angle is side-scrolling.

With Trine 4 coming to Stadia, you can expect to see the latest in the series. Which means pretty decent graphics and probably some new characters. Not necessarily new playable characters though. In fact, it looks like the game will see the return of the series’ familiar heroes. You can also expect new skills and of course new areas to explore as part of a new story.

Trine 4 is coming to Stadia later this year

Trine 4 does not yet have a Stadia release date. The game is however already available on other platforms. Stadia players will therefore not wait for the first release of this game.

That being said, if you’re curious about the potential cost, the game normally retails for $29.99 on Steam. Right now, though, it’s currently on sale until March 16 for $8. So if you wanted a way to play it now, this would be the best way to do it given its relatively inexpensive entry point.

For some, this may defeat the purpose of getting it back on Stadia. But if you like the idea of ​​having the ability to play it at home and on the go through your Stadia account, you’ll get that opportunity in the near future.

Saddle up for Blue Fire, which looks a lot like a Zelda title

It may not be quite similar to a Zelda title, but it certainly has a bit of that feel thanks to the visual style. According to the game description, you will travel through the country of Penumbra and “explore hidden temples”. These temples may contain secrets, as well as better gear and who knows what else.

You’ll also have collectibles to pick up and can upgrade your gear, including the armor and weapons you’ve equipped. Visually, it looks like a pretty stunning game. So, this may be one to watch out for if you like adventure titles. There is no set release date for blue fire neither, but Google says it’s coming to Stadia soon. So you might be able to expect an official launch in a month or two.

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