Rochester woman finds perfect opening line from guys on dating app

Maybe the best dating app opening line is a sandwich

Keisha Diephuis is a single mother in Rochester, Minnesota. She has an awesome son in first grade and you can hear him every Tuesday around 7:40 on the Y-105FM Morning Show in a new feature called, “Adventures in Dating with Keisha.”

Press play to hear this week’s episode where the guy creates a great conversational opportunity, Keisha picks it up, “What’s your dogs names?” And he literally has the perfect answer. So what was wrong? Listen and see if you can figure out the problem. (Or read the automatic/unedited transcription by clicking here.)

Hit play to hear the first episode, where the guy tells her about his stuff on kids and dating profiles

Hit play to hear the first episode, where the guy tells her about his stuff on kids and dating profiles

My theory: Mr. Ham and Cheese only has one line, and after talking to Keisha, who is smart, funny, and knows a lot of things, he realized he was in over his head. He couldn’t cross that line. Too bad, so sad.

Also, again with ghosting. What’s so hard about saying “Hey, not interested, hope you’re having a good day.” ? You’re special, but not SO special, mate.

And you can click here to listen to the whole show!

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