Rhea Seehorn’s 10 Best Movies And TV Shows, According To IMDb

Rhea Seehorn received tons of praise for her performances in the AMC drama, You better call Saul and with the show coming to an end, Seehorn, who plays attorney Kim Wexler, is currently the only spinoff-exclusive main cast member whose character has yet to be killed off. Given how impressive she was, fans are hoping Kim hangs on until the series finale.

Although Kim Wexler is Seehorn’s lead role, she’s not new to the world of film and television. The actress has appeared in many projects since she was a teenager in the 90s, but which are the best? The IMDb ratings are the perfect way to sift through the cream of Seehorn’s filmography.


ten Linoleum (2022) – 7.5

Not currently available to stream

Cam and Erin stand side by side in Linoleum

Cameron Edwin, the host of a children’s show, tries to build a rocket so he can go to space, but his actions lead to a series of strange events. Seehorn plays his wife, Erin.

Erin’s entire arc in the film revolves around her rocky relationship with Cameron. Although Seehorn is more accustomed to playing a romantic partner in You better call Saul, she is not struggling here as a wife who can no longer tolerate her husband’s behavior and wants out. The character has a few memorable lament-filled monologues as well as a number of hilarious segments that dilute the sadness caused by marital woes.

9 Franklin & Bash (2011-2014) – 7.6

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DA Ellen argues with Franklin and Bash's lawyers

In one of the best TNT shows of all time, two lawyers are recruited into a law firm where they employ unconventional methods to solve cases. Seehorn’s character—that of District Attorney Ellen Swatello—appears later in the series.

The role isn’t much different from the one that made her a household name. Like Kim, Ellen is a brilliant lawyer who starts out with a great moral compass but ends up brainwashed after hanging out with the two crafty pals. His performances here likely gave him an edge when the decision of who would be chosen for Kim was made.

8 Burn Notice (2007 – 2013) – 8.0

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After being unceremoniously kicked out of the CIA, a spy settles for PI jobs in Miami as he investigates what led to his ousting. Seehorn’s role is that of Patty, a woman who falls in love with a con artist.

Patty is curved into the damsel-in-distress trope, but thanks to Seehorn’s incredible performance, the character comes off as very likable. As always, she has no idea she’s been scammed and tries to discredit anyone who accuses her boyfriend of wrongdoing. Viewers can also enjoy her action scenes, especially the ones where she gets caught up in hostage situations.

seven The Singles Table (2006)

Not currently available to stream

The cast of The Singles Table

In this show, five strangers befriend each other over the fact that they are single at a wedding reception. Stephanie, one of the bachelors, is played by Seehorn.

Seehorn has been cast in relationship-related roles, but this particular role came at a time when she was still relatively new to the industry, and she does a perfect job of making Stephanie a character many can relate to. Stephanie also shines at cracking jokes far more than many of the other Seehorn characters. Unfortunately, The singles table became one of the shows that were canceled almost immediately.

6 Cooper’s Bar (2020) – 8.1

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Kim and the bar owner face off at Cooper's Bar

A booze lover tries to fulfill his dream of creating the perfect Tiki bar in his backyard. Among the main cast is Seehorn, who plays arrogant Hollywood executive Kris.

The actress rarely takes on villainous roles, so this particular role is refreshing. As a powerful Hollywood executive, Kris thinks the bar owner should give in to the demands of filming on location without much compensation. The clashes therefore unfold with lightning speed, with the owner refusing to get fat and Kris doing her best to make him pay.

5 Law & Order: SVU (1999 – Present) – 8.1

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Right-wing pundit Martha Cobb delivers a speech on Law & Order: SVU

In one of the spinoffs that ran longer than the original show, officers from the NYPD’s Special Victims Units solve cases based on true crimes. Right-wing pundit Martha Cobb is played by Seehorn.

Cobb is hardly a fan favorite, but she still touches viewers because she is such a tragic character. She enjoys giving detectives a hard time and powerfully instilling her convictions in others. Rather, the character is used to highlight the problem of sexual assault and how perpetrators sometimes go unpunished. Despite Cobb’s best efforts, the attacker is free.

4 Family Guy (1999–present) – 8.2

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Rhea Seehorn's character Joanie in the Joanie Loves Chachi parody of Family Guy

Events revolve around the Griffins, a dysfunctional family consisting of a man, his wife, three children, and an anthropomorphic pet dog. Seehorn voices Joanie, the daughter of a hardware store owner.

Joanie appears in a parody of the popular 80s sitcom Joanie likes Chachi. She is portrayed as a desperate, romantic, and headstrong teenager who will do whatever it takes to get her way. Although Joanie only appears for a few minutes in some episodes, her absurdity makes her a memorable character.

3 Veep (2012-2019) – 8.3

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After becoming Vice President, former Senator Selina Meyer is doing her best to leave a legacy. Seehorn is introduced later in the series as Michelle, the campaign manager for a rival presidential candidate.

Michelle fits perfectly into the comedic tone of the series. His verbal spats with Selina Meyer create thundering moments. As always, Selina ends up being the winner, and Michelle delivers her own memorable burns. The way she also turns a rather unlikable candidate into an election threat is also quite remarkable.

2 Homicide: Life on the Streets (1993–1999)

Not currently available to stream

Jenny talks to the police in Homicide: Life on the Streets

Detectives from the Baltimore Police Department are working hard to solve the many murder cases in the city. A young Seehorn has a supporting role as a witness to the murder of teenage Jenny.

It’s the actress’ first-ever role, a role she handles so expertly that viewers barely recognize her inexperience. The episodes in which Jenny appears resemble some of the best murder mysteries since the character’s confession takes law enforcement even further from their goal than they get closer.

1 Better Call Saul (2015 – 2022) – 8.8

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Better Call Saul season 6 Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler

The breaking Bad spinoff chronicles the rise of sordid lawyer Saul Goodman. And among the main cast is Seehorn, who plays Kim Wexler.

Few shows can match the quality of You better call Saul and Seehorn’s character contributes greatly to the overall awesomeness. She has arguably the best character development as well as the most decorated career as a lawyer. Viewers can also see her go wrong, thanks to her husband’s influence before she finally realizes her mistakes.

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