‘Relive’ activity app can help you remember your adventures

Q: I saw a post on social media that recreated a long bike ride in 3D animation and I want to know how they did it!

A: Our smartphones contain so much amazing technology that with very little effort we can recreate our adventures in animated form.

The app that harnesses all of this technology that you’ve probably seen is called “Relive” and is available for iOS and Android devices.

Whether you’re biking, jogging, hiking or paddling, your phone can track your speed, direction and elevation changes which the app can use to recreate or “relive” your adventures.

Activity trackersIf you already use an activity tracker to track your adventures, the Relive app can work with several of them to convert that data into a visual representation of your activities.

Here is the list of trackers it currently works with: Apple Health (Watch), Bryton, Coros, Lezyne, Garmin Connect, Polar Flow, Ride with GPS, Rouvy, Runkeeper, Suunto, Under Armor (Map My Run, Walk, Ride, Hiking), Wahoo, Zepp (formerly Amazfit).

Once you connect your activity tracker to Relive, your adventure will automatically import into the app to create the animation.

This automatic import appears to be the reason why a popular activity tracker called Strava caused Relive to stop working.

You can also import activities individually if you don’t want automatic login.

Follow through ReliveIf you don’t already use an activity tracker or want to use Relive separately, the app can track any activity itself. The “Record” button at the bottom of the app will allow you to record just about any type of activity to create the video.

The drop-down menu at the top of the recording screen allows you to choose which activity you will record.

Add timesOne of the notable features of this app is the ability to automatically add photos of your adventure that you have taken along the way.

It uses metadata from your photos to place the photo along your route based on location and time data.

This means that all you have to do is start the app, take photos like you normally would, and the app will pull everything together when it’s done.

Animation video creationAt the end of your activity, you can review the “moments” that were automatically added or manually add more images, including those taken by other members of your group.

Relive MoreIf you’re an outdoor activity tracking enthusiast who likes to post on social media, you might want to try the upgraded Plus service.

It will let you add up to 50 images (instead of 10), include small videos, multiple edits to your videos, choose from their music library, and access additional video settings like HD and speed.

You’ll get your videos faster and you can also track activities for adventures that last more than 12 hours with the Plus plan.

The Plus option costs $6.99 per month or $38.99 per year, but they offer a 30-day free trial so you can “try before you buy”.

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