Real estate credit over 10 years or 120 months: what is the best rate?

Real estate buying currently represents interesting prospects: historically low credit rates, tax incentives for rental investment, government measures to support home ownership. How to find the best rate for a mortgage on 10 years?

Mortgage interest rates have been falling steadily for several months now. Indeed, it has never been so interesting to take out a loan for 10 years or 120 months. Explanations.

The best rates for a mortgage on 10 years or 120 months

The best rates for a mortgage on 10 years or 120 months

You wish to concretize your real estate project by subscribing a credit over 10 years? Find out what are the best deals on the market. This table shows the most advantageous credit rates for a 30-year-old borrower wishing to take out a 150,000-USD mortgage on 120 months.

Thus, to find the best mortgage rate over 10 years, it is strongly recommended to turn to an online bank. In addition to savings made possible by a low rate and the lack of fees, you can get a faster response.

Pay attention to the cost of the borrower insurance!

Pay attention to the cost of the borrower insurance!

The borrower insurance is required by the bank at the time of granting credit. It allows the lender to be assured of recovering the loaned capital in case of default on your part. Be aware, however, that you do not have to adhere to the group contract proposed by the bank. You can purchase individual loan insurance with more favorable guarantees. The delegation of insurance can allow you to realize significant savings, up to 60% on your insurance.

Do not hesitate to seek the advice of a broker and take advantage of the evolution of the legislation to compare the offers of borrower insurance.

Why use a mortgage simulator?

Do you want to determine what will be the cost of your mortgage over 10 years or 120 months? The use of an online simulator allows you to quickly calculate the amount of credit and the monthly payment, or the repayment term of the loan. The use of this tool is simple since you only need to indicate the amount borrowed, the duration and the loan rate to know your future monthly credit.

Have you already spotted a property? The online simulator gives you the opportunity to vary the duration of the loan to obtain a monthly payment adapted to your budget.

After estimating the total cost of your credit and the amount of your future monthly payment, all you have to do is look for the offer offering the best rate. Using a real estate credit comparison tool online will save you valuable time and save money.