Prescription App Ranking: Another Perfect Score

The PYMNES Ranking of prescription app providers will help you find an app that can cure what ails you. If you are looking for discounts, convenience, or a better overall experience, you can find them among these apps.

Each month, PYMNTS assigns prescription apps a score based on a mix of app usage data and publicly available information. Highlights this time around include another perfect score achieved by the defending champion and a three-spot jump in the rankings by this month’s best player and shaker.

The Top 5

Topping the list is again GoodRx. This app earns its place at the top with another perfect score of 100.

The next step is SingleCare. With a score of 90, this application retains second place in the ranking. He also added three points to his tally from last month.

There is also a familiar name at No. 3: CVS Care Mark seat here as he did last month, this time with a score of 73.

Our first ranking change this month comes in at #4, and what a change it is – OptumRX jumped three places in the standings. With a score of 67, he has added 11 points since last time, making him the best mover and shaker this month.

Driven from the position he held last time, RxSaver now sits fifth in the standings with a score of 59.

Top 10

Just one point behind the competitor in front of him is Express Scripts. With a score of 58, this app continues to hold the sixth spot it held last month.

Two dots behind is Publix Pharmacy. This app has dropped two places in the rankings compared to last time and is now at 7th with a score of 56.

Returning to eighth position in the standings is RxLocal. He saves this time with a score of 49.

The next step is ScriptSavewho has moved up a spot since last month and now sits in 9th place with a score of 41.

Changing places with the competitor who is now in front of him is Kroger Rx Savings Club. This app is just one point behind with a score of 40 – and it rounds out the top 10.



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