Play Classic CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE Stories on your Amazon Echo


Today, in all that is old, it is new, two classics Choose your own adventure books can now be explored with just your voice and ears thanks to Audible and Amazon Echo! Trip under the sea and The abominable snowman, both originally written by RA Montgomery, can be initiated by saying the simple phrase “Alexa, open Choose your own adventure. “

There are two classic adventures to choose from, and then the story begins. Suspenseful music, perfectly timed sound effects, and clear, calming narration turn the books of your childhood into a completely new and immersive experience as Alexa walks you through the story and you guide her through the choices to be made. .

There’s no need to hold a finger to save your place on the pages in case you make the wrong choice, however! Alexa will give you the option to go back and explore the other options, making sure the story doesn’t end after a few minutes. It’ll also tell you which part of the story you’ve discovered and how many endings you’ve completed, so the game will continue while you try to find all the things that aren’t so happy. (To make things even nicer, the music “womp womp” when you get a disappointing ending is pretty fun.)

Alexa will also remember where you are in the story in case you need to stop and take a break from the adventure.

Choose your own adventure is now available on all Echo devices with more adventures to come. If you don’t have an echo, you can even use the free Alexa app for Android or iOS to play. Will you choose to go on an adventure?

Do you remember your favorite Choose your own adventure delivered from childhood? Tell us in the comments.

All Images: Amazon / Audible

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