Planning an outdoor summer adventure? There is an application for that

How Richie and Gemma McCaw prepare for a trip to the great outdoors.


How Richie and Gemma McCaw prepare for a trip to the great outdoors.

Ahh the great Kiwi summer. When the weather is warm, we love dinners on the terrace, cricket matches in the garden and, of course, classic outdoor adventures with family and friends. Hitting the tracks and trails is one of the best ways to explore Aotearoa, but as the saying goes, “safety first”. And that’s where the new Plan My Walk app comes in.

Designed by the experts at the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council, the free Plan My Walk app is super easy to use, packed with practical information and helps you stay safe while out enjoying the scenery. With Plan My Walk, you can get the right kit sorted with the interactive gear list, make a simple travel plan, assign emergency contacts, and easily share your plans with others.

The app also offers trail ideas if you’re looking for some outdoor inspiration, trail-specific alerts if there’s anything to worry about, and weather forecasts to keep you up to date with conditions. Plus, you can personalize it with your daily schedule and travel notes, and leave reviews of trails, huts, and campsites to help others. It’s like a one-stop-shop for all things outdoor safety, and it’s the perfect tool for everyone from seasoned hikers to first-time adventurers.

Local legends Richie and Gemma McCaw are already fans of the app and use it every time they hit the trails in Aotearoa. For Richie McCaw, it’s about how simple precautions can really pay off when it comes to staying safe.

“Sometimes the health and safety side of going outside can turn some people off, but the app makes it a really easy thing to do,” he says.

“We’re privileged to have what we have here in New Zealand, but sometimes if you’re wrong it can be unforgiving, so it’s about saying, ‘This is something that will make it more enjoyable. and will keep you safe. “”

While Gemma McCaw is an avowed “impulsive” explorer, she knows the importance of good planning. For her, Plan My Walk gives certainty to all aspects of a trip.

“It’s great because it’s accessible to everyone, and you can use it regardless of your ability, while taking into account all these elements that you need to know. But it’s the security element that is the more importantly because it makes sure people come back to their loved ones,” she said.

“When people see pictures of us on social media on top of a mountain, a lot of them say they want to go do this but don’t know how, and so the app sets up the how to them, rather than just going out and aiming for the moon.

“Summer is a great time to get out there, try out the app, and do something new and exciting.”

"It is the security element that is most important, because it ensures that people come back to their loved ones," said Gemma McCaw.


“It’s the security element that’s the most important, because it ensures that people come back to their loved ones,” explains Gemma McCaw.

And with Plan My Walk, you can be sure you’re getting the best information from those who really know their stuff. New Zealand Mountain Safety Council chief executive Mike Daisley said after their extensive research showed a worrying number of trampling incidents were preventable, the app was developed to take the guesswork out of planning a trip.

“It’s really easy to underestimate the importance of good planning and preparation, there are a lot of little things that can be overlooked,” he says.

“When combined, these small planning deviations can have a big impact on your safety. Conversely, it’s often the small details that go a long way to improving your safety.”

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