Pink Panther app takes ‘detectives’ on a tour of Austin’s hidden gems

The Pink Panther isn’t new to the entertainment landscape, but neither is most of Austin, and many Austinites haven’t fully explored it either. A new app merges the two familiar experiences with a twist, encouraging users to get out and see their city or visit a new one, making stops along an “app-navigated outdoor adventure.”

Bounce, a travel app that does similar activations, has teamed up with MGM to create an itinerary through “popular destinations and local gems” in 10 US cities, including Austin. An animated trailer declares that the Pink Panther diamond has been stolen, and users will solve the mystery as they explore their towns, complete with a series of clues tied to each destination.

“What’s exciting about this interactive Bounce app experience is that decisions have consequences and sometimes you only get one chance, so you have to stay on your toes, be careful and look ahead. beyond the obvious,” said Bounce Founder and Experience Creator David House. “Not to mention, Bounce is designed to take you to parts of town you might have been hoping to see, places you might want to return to later, or local hidden gems that are also worth seeing. … Experience the city you hoped to see, not the version you were “supposed” to see.”

The trailer previews pit stops at “local museums, parks and cafes” with themed interactive elements, like choosing to view security footage or interview a security guard. Clues are unlocked as locations are visited, and since the real idea is to connect people with their surroundings, the app can be paused and restarted according to travelers’ schedules.

The only other experience on Bounce is available in Philadelphia, at your own pace Rocky tour that includes stops at Mickey’s Gym, Adrian’s Restaurant, Italian Market and, of course, ‘Rocky Steps’. The Rocky the experience is modeled after a simple movie tour, which makes sense for such an iconic localized theme. Since “The Pink Panther and the Case of the Missing Diamond” is designed to fit so many different cities, it seems to take on a form that most closely resembles geocaching, which operates on a similar mission to get users out of the well-trodden paths, using deductive reasoning.

The experience is designed to be equally enjoyed alone or in a group, includes in-app navigation, and covers both driving and walking distances. (A video tutorial mentions some places “that require you to wander around a bit.”) While the experience engages the “travel” angle, it also seems well-suited to friends back home looking for a way to refreshing a local routine, or people acting as tour guides in their own town when visiting friends and family.

Tickets ($34.99 per group) are available through the Bounce app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. More information is available at

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