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Meet V Srinivas, a veterinarian with adventure stories to share

V Srinivas has been working at Indira Gandhi Zoological Park for two decades

V Srinivas is a veterinary surgeon and his favorite story to tell is about the sea voyage where his co-passengers were two giraffes! The three-day crossing from Malaysia to India was an adventure he will never forget.

“It was my first time seeing giraffes and I couldn’t stay calm. I watched them every two hours. They weren’t used to the ship’s roll and pitch and needed extra care, so the zookeeper accompanying them and I made a bed of hay and slept in their pen, ”he laughs.

Whenever an animal is purchased from another zoo, Srinivas must be there to ensure its safe journey. Another memorable trip was when he took a train trip with Sireesh, a white tiger he accompanied from Hyderabad. “I had only been at my job for three months and I was so excited. I still remember the look on people’s faces with the terror written all over it when he yelled at the station, ”he laughs. Srinivas has many fascinating stories since his work over the past 20 years has revolved around zoo animals.

He starts his day at 8 a.m., examining sick animals admitted to the zoo hospital. Then he moves towards quality and quantity control of the feed to be given to the animals. “Like humans, animals also need a healthy and balanced diet. Since these wild animals neither hunt nor eat, a carefully designed diet is necessary to ensure their well-being, ”he explains.

Staff at Indira Gandhi Zoological Park in Visakhapatnam are helping unload the special cage carrying a Malaysian giraffe that was brought from Hyderabad after a legal quarantine on Friday.

Staff at Indira Gandhi Zoological Park in Visakhapatnam help unload the special cage carrying a Malaysian giraffe that was brought from Hyderabad after a legal quarantine on Friday .– Photo: ARRANGED PICTURE | Photo credit: IMAGE ARRANGÉE

He walks around the zoo, visiting all the animal enclosures to observe and spot changes in behavior. “This is important because wild animals tend to hide the symptoms of the disease. In nature, showing signs of illness is an invitation to death, ”he adds. “At first, I spent hours observing an animal to identify its disease. Now, with decades of experience under my belt, I can tell right away if there is a change in the animal and why, ”he says.

Srinivas also saves animals when they have come into conflict with humans. He has countless stories to tell about panthers eating livestock or elephants ruining farmers’ crops. Whether it’s bison, sloth bears or chimpanzees, Srinivas has managed to save them all.

While these adventures made Srinivas fall in love with his job, being a vet wasn’t always on his list. “I wanted to do MBBS but I missed it by a grade and had to settle for a vet course. After graduation I decided to choose research and teaching over practice, but I found a job in the state government and decided to give it a try, ”says he.

For three years he worked in veterinary hospitals in the rural areas around Visakhapatnam, mainly dealing with buffaloes, cows and horses. Then one day he was called to participate in the autopsy of a tiger at the zoo. “It was the first time I saw a tiger and I felt an adrenaline rush. Seeing my work, they offered to join the zoo for a year, ”he remembers and he stayed.

Srinivas also operates a veterinary clinic called Visakha Pet Clinic in Seethammadhara. He started this in 2003, when there were barely two or three pet clinics in the city. He says he has at least 15 patients visiting him here.

“Over 80% are dogs while 15% are cats and the rest include guinea pigs and hamsters. Previously, the town’s dispensaries only provided deworming treatments and vaccinations. Now, clinics treat a multitude of illnesses and also perform surgeries, ”he says. One of the major changes in city animal care has been the runoff of specialty animal medications from metropolitan cities. “With the advancement of medicine, specialized tablets are now available not only for physical injuries, but even for their behavior problems,” he adds.

Unlike humans, animals don’t understand the need for medical attention and often scratch, bite or kick themselves, Srinivas explains. “Still, you can’t lose your temper. This job definitely makes you more patient.

(Living Vizag is a weekly column that features the people who make the city special and explore it through their eyes)

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Wheel of Life – Entrepreneurs share their cycling and adventure stories

You are reading Entrepreneur India, an international Entrepreneur Media franchise.

To say that entrepreneurs have busy schedules would be an understatement, but why live a mundane life? Everyone should have the luxury of enjoying life. While the definition of gratuity differs from entrepreneur to entrepreneur, there are some where getting behind the wheel is the greatest benefit. Well, in case you are thinking that we are talking about expensive bikes let us tell you that these people believe in cycling and the satisfaction they get from riding is beyond what words can explain.

Entrepreneur India

Unparalleled freedom

Source: Entrepreneur India

What could be better than a moment when you experience pure freedom? For George Muthoot George, General Manager – Muthoot Leisure & Hospitality Services, biking is a getaway. “From the moment I learned to ride a bike, I’ve enjoyed this feeling of freedom that’s hard to describe,” George shares. Outdoors by nature, George enjoys traveling to remote areas. Growing up in New Delhi, he used to cycle his BSA land through the city.

“On weekends, I spent entire days cycling the streets of central Delhi with no particular destination in mind. I discovered that Kerala has a lot of enthusiastic cyclists and a number of informal and formal clubs that organize treks to various destinations. It further strengthened my determination to continue cycling, and given the beauty of the place, I feel like I discovered the best place to cycle.

Positivity and transformation

Everyone pursues something that provides peace of mind and that’s how cycling became a hobby for Vishwas Ghai, MD and founder of the Servo Hospitality School. “Cycling turns me on because every time I ride a bike it provides me with a true essence of life, an opportunity to look at the world from a different perspective,” Ghai shares. To stay disciplined to his routine, he goes out twice a week on his bike and enjoys the fresh early morning air that he experiences between the jungle trails or the winding roads of the Shivalik.

Ghai tags cycling with a positive change. “For me, cycling is like a meditation or a way to recreate myself every time I ride a bike,” he says.

Calibration of a healthy mind and body

Source: Entrepreneur India

Cycling allows you to discover yourself and this is what Dr Pablo Erat, Co-founder and Partner of Pioneering Ventures, investor and passionate triathlete loves cycling.

“The ability to get out into nature but also to experience this constant hard work outside the comfort zone brings real progress and tangible results,” says Erat, who discovered cycling through triathlon. “When I started playing this sport in 2005, I was an embarrassing bad cyclist and barely had the power to climb hills. However, I did not quit, but took it as a challenge and developed a unique drive to improve myself. I trained for two hours every night on a stationary bike for six months and realized how quickly my condition and muscle power improved. In a few years cycling has become my greatest sporting ability and today on the bike I am one of the fastest triathlon runners in the world. My strong point would be mental strength and pain tolerance, ”he adds.

Like all enthusiasts, his favorite cycling moment is the Swiss ultramarathon cycling championship which covers around 1200 km around Switzerland with 12 km of vertical drop. “I participated with my wife Lucia in the couples category where we won the Swiss championship. It was the best experience together on so many levels emotionally, physically and psychologically. For him, cycling is one of the healthiest forms of exercise (except in the event of a fall).

Need of speed

Source: Entrepreneur India

For some, speed has always been a determining factor and what better way to experience it than a bike? Baqar Nasser, Director, Topsin India Healthcare, Ubercare Wellness & Fitness loved cycling more than any other sport. So much so that this fascination drove him to pioneer indoor cycling as training in India, when he started working.

“I loved the speed on the bike and found it very stimulating and super fun with a feeling of freedom,” he says. Cycling brought major changes in Nasser’s life. “When I became national champion for the third time in a row despite a serious injury, which I overcame despite the doctors who said otherwise. I also received the Best Rider Award from All India University out of 24,000 participants, after which I was sent to America to represent India. It was there that I discovered Spinning and became a Certified Spinning Instructor. I realized that anyone and everyone could turn without fear of crashing and injuring themselves. I realized that this could be a great fitness mantra because you can burn a lot more calories in a single spinning session compared to other fitness regimes. More than anything, I was able to transform my passion into work and raise awareness about the benefits of cycling.

For him, cycling is a question of speed, freedom, autonomy, style, excitement, electrification! It is a passion that comes from the heart!

Fuel the winning spirit

Source: Entrepreneur India

Cycling is an activity that puts you in control of your pace, speed and schedule. There is no fuss, it is about letting the spirit in when it comes to riding. It’s a great way to relax and be distracted from the things that bother you.

More so, for entrepreneurs who are often engulfed in finding ways to solve the problems they face in running their business on a daily basis. Dhananjay Singh, co-founder of Sqrrl Investments & Savings App is a true supporter of cycling because it helps me stave off the blues. He likes to start his day early and riding a bike is something he loves, especially in the morning. Cycling is something that keeps him energized all day. “The best thing about cycling is that it makes me relive my childhood,” he says.

“I rediscovered myself with cycling, I made very good lifelong friends and, above all, I extracted the child from myself who did not sleep all night when a cycle was presented for the first time in seventh grade, ”says.

After a simple routine, Singh pushes himself on the weekends. He starts his day at 4 a.m. and enjoys being in nature or on a trail. He loves all the trails of Aravalis and he also has a memory of having climbed the trail of the feeders in the Aravalis on the side of the village.

“The incline is over 45 degrees over 100m with turns. I had the feeling that I will make the climb one day without getting off my bike. It took six months of cycling experience and skills to achieve this. And it was really great once I realized the same. I was really, really exciting, ”he says.

Over the years, cycling has been more of a psychological game for him than a physical one. It taught him many life lessons and fueled his winning spirit.

(This article first appeared in the July 2019 issue of Entrepreneur magazine. To subscribe, click here)

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Play Classic CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE Stories on your Amazon Echo

Today, in all that is old, it is new, two classics Choose your own adventure books can now be explored with just your voice and ears thanks to Audible and Amazon Echo! Trip under the sea and The abominable snowman, both originally written by RA Montgomery, can be initiated by saying the simple phrase “Alexa, open Choose your own adventure. “

There are two classic adventures to choose from, and then the story begins. Suspenseful music, perfectly timed sound effects, and clear, calming narration turn the books of your childhood into a completely new and immersive experience as Alexa walks you through the story and you guide her through the choices to be made. .

There’s no need to hold a finger to save your place on the pages in case you make the wrong choice, however! Alexa will give you the option to go back and explore the other options, making sure the story doesn’t end after a few minutes. It’ll also tell you which part of the story you’ve discovered and how many endings you’ve completed, so the game will continue while you try to find all the things that aren’t so happy. (To make things even nicer, the music “womp womp” when you get a disappointing ending is pretty fun.)

Alexa will also remember where you are in the story in case you need to stop and take a break from the adventure.

Choose your own adventure is now available on all Echo devices with more adventures to come. If you don’t have an echo, you can even use the free Alexa app for Android or iOS to play. Will you choose to go on an adventure?

Do you remember your favorite Choose your own adventure delivered from childhood? Tell us in the comments.

All Images: Amazon / Audible

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Amazon Audible brings Choose Your Own Adventure stories to Alexa devices

Choose Your Own Adventure Adventure-style stories have made a comeback, thanks to Netflix’s adoption of the format for children’s television and other interactive storytelling, like “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”, as well as earlier efforts, like Mosaic from HBO. Now Amazon is testing the genre for Alexa devices, with the launch of professionally interpreted voice-activated stories from the publisher of the original Choose Your Own Adventure book series, ChooseCo.

You may remember ChooseCo of his lawsuit with netflix on the Black Mirror episode. The company claims that Netflix never acquired the proper license to use the “Choose Your Own Adventure” brand.

But it’s clear that ChooseCo is still aiming to benefit from Netflix’s attention and ability to make this storytelling gadget popular with a younger generation of tech-savvy consumers.

Working with Amazon’s Audible division, the two companies are jointly launching an Alexa Skill (appropriately licensed) that will bring ChooseCo’s Choose Your Own Adventure stories to life on Alexa-powered devices, like the Echo smart speakers, which are controlled by voice commands.

The vocal skill itself was co-designed by Audible, ChooseCo and the Alexa team, and will kick off with two stories to begin with: “The Abominable Snowman,” which takes listeners to the Himalayan peaks in search of the yeti, and “Journey Under the Sea”, which ventures into the lost underwater city of Atlantis.

The first offers 28 endings in total and the second offers 37.

Instead of Alexa’s robotic voice, the stories are told by voice actors Josh Hurley (Abominable Snowman) and Stephanie Einstein (Journey Under the Sea.)

Those of a certain age will remember reading the Choose Your Own Adventure stories as children, but these versions of Alexa are meant to entertain all ages, says Audible. Of course, one wonders how many times adults will want to listen to fantastic yet familiar tales like this, after satisfying their initial curiosity after the format’s smart speaker debut.

The stories will vary in length, depending on which narrative branch listeners take, but can provide “hours” of entertainment, Audible told TechCrunch. In addition to answering how-to questions, you can also use voice commands such as “go back”, “start over” and “change story” to navigate the app.

Currently the stories are free, as is the skill. Audible declined to say whether a subscription or in-app purchases would be offered at a later date to give listeners access to more stories. The future of the skill is likely still under investigation – for now, companies are looking to see if consumers are adopting and engaging with the format on voice devices, or if the skill fails.

If the stories take off, however, more could be sold or Amazon could even choose to bundle the stories into its audible channel offering, which is used to attract Prime subscriber registrations.

To try out the stories yourself, you can say “Alexa, open Choose your own adventure from Audible”. This will activate the skill so you can get started.

The stories begin with a warning similar to the ones you may remember from children’s books – that this story is different and that “you alone are responsible for what happens”. He warns that there are dangers, adventures and consequences to come, and that your choices could “end in disaster … or even death!” “

The stories then progress as you’d expect, with a bit of storytelling before being asked to choose the next path. On Alexa devices with a display, a few simple illustrations are displayed.

Audible’s new Choose Your Own Adventure stories aren’t the only example of this format coming to audio. In addition to ChooseCo’s own in-line audio system Games, there is also a comic game show which uses the format, and the NYT even tried an adventure to choose yourself in 2017. There is also skills for interactive stories that do not use the ChooseCo brand.

The official Audible skill is here on the Alexa Skills store.

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Are Choose Your Own Adventure stories the future of television?

You are alone, browsing the Telegraph website, when a dangerous-looking article catches your eye. You hesitate, torn. Reading it will be life threatening – but the article has a vital part of the old map you are looking for.

Want to play it safe? Click to tame the pastures … but don’t expect everything you meet there to be friendly. Want to brave the article? Keep reading.

Okay, so there is no map. And your life is not in danger. But one thing that could be, judging by the latest Netflix-related titles, is conventional storytelling. The online streaming service and content producer this week launched its first adult “choose your own ending” program, Bandersnatch, an interactive episode of the science fiction anthology series Black Mirror. Telling the story of a video game designer’s descent into madness, the episode incorporates technology that allows viewers to choose from multiple storylines. It follows the success of an interactive Netflix project aimed at kids that launched last month: Minecraft Story Mode, a spin-off of the popular video game.

It’s not just Netflix, either. Last year, it was reported that Ken Levine, creator of the game BioShock, was working on an “interactive” film, based on the sci-fi television series The Twilight Zone. And Steven Soderbergh’s Mosaic, an HBO series starring Sharon Stone, has also been made available as an interactive app.

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Netflix is ​​launching choose-your-own TV shows and they’re going to be intense

Difference between television and video games?

Nah buddy, that doesn’t exist.

If you are a fan of Charlie Brooker Black mirror, you will be more than aware of the heartbreaking, upsetting and always questionable scenarios that accompany the advancement of technology.

Of course, our iPhones can give us instant contact with anyone living anywhere in the world, but can they also kill us?

Yeah, probably.

Turns out they can also provide us with choose-your-own TV shows, so that’s pretty cool.

Bloomberg reports that Netflix is ​​currently creating TV shows that will allow viewers to choose how they want specific episodes to end.

The project is, at the moment, a secret, but insiders have revealed that the first episode of “choose your own adventure” will be included in the next series of Black mirror.

Because where else would it be, really?

Fans are barely starting to understand why Black Mirror is called Black Mirror

Apparently, the streaming company is looking for new ways to attract customers who, like most young people these days, aren’t just watching weekly series on TV anymore.

Instead, they hope to push the boundaries of television even further and create something that has never been done before – and something that could even be applied to a variety of television shows.

Brooker’s Next Series Black mirror is slated to air in December, so we won’t even have to wait long to see if this idea is a bomb or not.

I can not wait.

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Five stories of winter adventures to build a global mindset

This vacation break, will your family home be full of cries of “I’m bored, I don’t know what to do?” Or will it be full of winter adventures – both real and imaginary?

I am a college instructor, teaching child development, early childhood foundations, and cultural competence. A former regional director of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and an elementary school teacher in Micronesia, I have also traveled the world to see a great diversity in the way families plan their winter adventures.

Some families enjoy sledding and playing in the snow, others have fun winter picnics on the beach. Every place I have traveled – from Guam to California, Ukraine and Winnipeg to Canada where I live now – has taught me new traditions.

I wanted to put together a reading list for parents and early readers that would give them the space and time to travel beyond their own living room. Some call it a strategy to create in children a “Global mindset” – the ability and confidence to cross borders and in multiple cultures and languages.

So here are a few books you might enjoy, as you build an overall mindset for your family and put your imagination on “Go! “

Picture books

Written by Mary Aflague. Illustrated by Gérard Aflague. (2017, Gérard Aflague Collection.)

Enjoy a child’s view of the sights, sounds and wildlife of Guam Island in the Western Pacific Ocean. This bedtime storybook includes local Chamorro words that all readers can understand while enjoying the brightly colored hand-drawn pictures.

I cherish my own memories of a visit to Guam over Christmas. I will always remember to celebrate the holidays by eating red rice, kelaguen and coconut candy. As you read this story, you too will have the chance to see the geckos and hermit crabs of this beautiful island.

Written by John Rocco. (2014, Disney Hyperion.)

This book deals with the great blizzard of 1978 that touched the east coast of the United States. It snowed four feet in two days and snow covered the front window of our home in Ohio.

Snow storm is the story of a family who found winter adventure in a natural disaster. It’s a great story to listen to, because of the chat texts and funny details in the pictures (a kid stuck at the top of the tree, the grocery list of coffee, peanut butter and food for cat). There is a double bonus fold-out map of the main character’s trip to the grocery store to get supplies for his family and neighbors.

Snow storm can be a great topic of conversation with your children about their own neighborhood and can stimulate your own card-making activity. For older youth, mapping can be a great way to identify the resources, assets and deficits of a neighborhood.

Written by Jane Monroe Donovan. (2010, Cherry Lake Publishing.)

Animal lovers of all ages will enjoy this whimsical picture story about a girl and her wish to Santa Claus.

Three boxes arrive: a small, a medium and a large. Inside each box is a beloved new pet, each bringing a special winter adventure to their lives. Along with a Siamese cat, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and a miniature horse, she explores the snow outdoors, building snow forts, sledding, and creating special snow creatures. They also bake cookies and snuggle up by the fire to enjoy their vacation.

My favorite part of this beautiful friendship story are the illustrations. I read this book with young children to encourage them to make up their own stories about what they see. Storytelling not only allows their imaginations to come to life, but it also helps children build vocabulary and become familiar with new words and sounds.

First readers

Written by Judy Schachner. (2014, Numbering books.)

Readers of all ages will enjoy the playful Spanish words that are included in this imaginative story of a kitten who thinks he’s a Chihuahua.

In this winter adventure, Skippito Friskito tells his version of Snow White and the seven little amigos in their cozy chalet. Their mission: to free Nieve Que (Snow What) from a deep sleep. Even though he thinks kissing the princesa would be disgusting, he does his best to save Snow What and fight the dragon, just in time to snuggle up with Mum before bed.

Research shows that children can distinguish all the different sounds of language even better than adults, and it helps to acquire a second language. One of the best ways to get children to learn a new language is to stimulate their imaginations through play and storytelling – using words that rhyme with a variety of sounds and silly words they can imitate, to create their own words and stories.

Written by Adam Lehrhaupt. (2017, HarperCollins Publishers.)

This level one “I can read!” Book is the perfect winter adventure for any early reader. Together, best friends Zoey the Hen and Sam the Pig set off in search of the North Pole. But the adventure is in the journey as they climb a mountain and then descend it, finding surprising creatures along the way. They almost lose their way home, but thank goodness for the winter mittens.

As the story unfolds, there are visual clues for the reader to how mittens can save the day. For parents who want to develop literacy at home, there is three clues you can guide your child to look for in a book like this. The first clue is the meaning: use the pictures in the book to understand what is going on in the story and what might follow. The second clue is the grammatical structure of the sentence. The third clue is visual information – in Chicken mittens, the “thread” of the story says it all.

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“Encouraging Discovery”: Heathrow Airport Unveils Mr. Adventure Augmented Reality App

UK. Heathrow Airport has unveiled a new interactive reality app to keep children entertained as they navigate its terminals.

The application, Around the world with Mr. Adventure, launched yesterday (July 13) in Terminal 2 as Heathrow looks forward to its busiest departure day of the summer season. It expects 131,546 passengers on July 21 and more than 365,000 passengers with children will depart from the airport during the summer season.

The new application is supported by Mr. Men and Little Miss characters, Mr. Adventure and Little Miss Explorer, who will help children find and scan five badges hidden in the terminals of Heathrow Airport.

Ensuring a good start to your holiday: Mr. Adventure and Little Miss Explorer will be on hand to help entertain the young passengers at Heathrow Airport

The digital device’s camera will identify when a child has reached the hiding place of each badge and will play a 3D animated video, allowing the child to photograph themselves and / or film themselves with the characters. Once they find all five digital badges in the game, they can collect limited edition iron-on badges to keep at the information desks around the terminals.

“The app aims to entertain children and encourage them to start their exploration journey before they leave the airport,” said Heathrow.

Iona Harper, Senior Director of Experience at Heathrow Airport, said: “As the summer sees more families visiting Heathrow, we want to make sure they get the best possible start for their families. vacation adventures. The Mr. Adventure app is a great and fun experience for the littlest travelers to Heathrow, encouraging discovery for the next generation of explorers.

Mr. Adventure and Little Miss Explorer will be appearing in all terminals until September 10th.

Heathrow Airport will also host themed craft activities and workshops; as well as the distribution of cookies and biscuit-themed stickers, and the offer of Kids Eat Free menus and free play areas in the terminals.

More details are available here and the Around the world with Mr. Adventure is available for download from the Apple and Android App Stores.

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Netflix presents the stories of your own adventure | IndieWire

The first is “Le Chat Botté: Trapped in an Epic Tale”.

A multitude of possibilities breeds fear, but that doesn’t stop us from endlessly browsing Netflix for something new to watch. The streaming giant is now making this both easier and more difficult with the introduction of interactive movies and shows that essentially function as choose-your-own stories, like the all-out-just released. “The Puss in Boots: Trapped in an Epic Tale.”

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The story will include life and death decisions such as “Should these bears be friends or foes?” and be child-oriented. Netflix’s announcement of the new concept says it’s in line with the company’s goal to bring “something completely new to Netflix that pushes the boundaries of storytelling and how you engage with it”; if that goes well, it is hoped that the movies and shows that are not intended for children will also end up in the streaming service.

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“Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile” (July 14) and “Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout” (2018) are also coming to Netflix. Until then, we’ll just have to decide whether or not to befriend these bears.

Stay up to date with the latest movie and TV news! Sign up for our email newsletters here.

Register: Stay up to date with the latest movie and TV news! Sign up for our email newsletters here.

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Netflix Launches ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Interactive TV Shows

Before “interactive movie” video games told sweeping stories that gamers could direct by making decisions, there was Choose your own adventure books that… well, let readers choose their own adventure. Streaming video technology has now enabled Netflix to embrace the concept and launch its first interactive ‘hookup’ narrative program that gives viewers a say in how the story progresses.

The interactive episodes play out much like normal video, but at certain points in the action, the action stops and viewers are given an on-screen choice. They can then select what they want to see happen using the TV remote, touchscreen, or game controller, depending on the device they’re watching.

Launched globally on the streaming service this week, the first interactive episode is called Puss in Book: trapped in an epic tale, with the puss in boots from Dreamworks’ Shrek series. Puss finds himself trapped in the Goldilocks story, and viewers make decisions such as whether the three bears are friendly or not.

As the choice of topic suggests, Netflix has so far focused on children’s content, with the company believing that kids are already eager to interact with the characters on screen. It’s certainly an interesting idea, and might make the shows revisable just to see what might happen if you make different choices. Not that kids seem to worry about watching the same things over and over again anyway.

After Puss in Boots, Netflix announces that a second interactive title will launch on July 14, titled Buddy Thunderstruck: The Stack Maybe, followed by Stretch Armstrong: The Escape somewhere in 2018.

For now, interactive content is available on most smart TVs, streaming media players, game consoles, and iOS devices, but the company says it doesn’t work on Android, Chromecast, and Android devices yet. Apple TV or the Netflix website. Watching the episodes on these devices will play in a normal linear version instead, where the choices are made for you.

Check out the interactive episodes in the (old-fashioned non-interactive) video below.

Source: Netflix

Interactive adventure for children | official trailer [HD] | Netflix

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