One of the best adventure games of 2021 is coming to PS5

Looks like The artistic escape, a kaleidoscopic 2D side-scroller that follows a budding musician through space and time, is on its way to PlayStation.

A smash hit with the GAMINGbible team, it nabbed silver in our list of the best games of the last year. “The artistic escape is two-fold: its visuals are dazzling and its story touching and tender, the whole experience distinctly grounded despite the galaxies it sends the player. Few games of 2021 have made us smile as much as this one,” we said. If you’re a badass, we’re not the only ones who think gaming was one of the highlights of a really good year in the industry. game rewards, The artistic escape was nominated for Best Art Direction, Best Score and Music and Best Debut Independent Game and has appeared on numerous other outlets covering must-watch games from 2021.

Yada yada yada. What you really want to see is this joyously colorful adventure in action. Take a look here!

The game follows Francis Vendetti, the nephew of fictional folk music legend Johnson Vendetti. On the 20th anniversary of his acclaimed album, Francis is set to perform some of his uncle’s songs, but he’s conflicted over his love for rock music and wants to honor Johnson’s legacy. As if his woes had been heard by the universe, Francis encounters an alien the day before the concert and he seeks out an up-and-coming artist to open for a show. I better stop here if you’re intrigued because this game is packed with splendid melodies and stunning visuals that you won’t want to spoil for yourself.

Despite the fact that neither Annapurna Interactive nor Sony have announced that the game will be coming to PlayStation, Well find The artistic escape in the “Just Announced” section of the PlayStation Store. Curious. I booted up my PlayStation to see if I could find the same, and I can confirm it’s there. This is only detectable on the console store and not the web or app version and it doesn’t appear to detail a release date at this time. Still, it’s exciting to think that this gem will become available to a whole new audience in the near future.

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