New mobile app launch in Split aims to be anti-Tripadvisor

April 9, 2022 – TCN meets Triend, a brand new app launched in Split this summer that aims to provide authentic video recommendations and reward users for sharing their experiences.

In a world of Tripadvisor reviews you can’t control, Triend saves the day with authentic, unedited video recommendations that incentivize and reward users for sharing experiences with its tokenized Help-to-Earn community. Whether users ask locals for personalized recommendations or travelers share the best experiences of their vacations in Croatia, Triend is a powerful, borderless knowledge-sharing platform, combining innovative Web3 technology with user interface accessibility. leader in empowering users within a decentralized, peer-to-peer environment. economy.

“We believe the days of sifting through a thousand written reviews are over. Not only is it outdated, it’s time consuming and unreliable. more decentralized. We envision a sustainable future where everyone around the world can access instant, personalized recommendations, whoever they are, wherever they are.”

TCN meets with the Triend team to learn more about their plans to launch in Split this summer.

What is Triend in a nutshell?

Triend is a new community-driven video app that lets users discover, personalize, and get rewarded for sharing recommendations. Think of the new era of Facebook groups and Tripadvisor combined.

Why Split as a launch location?

Some of the founders lived in Split for a while and saw firsthand the problem of discovering awesome experiences if not seen 500 meters from the Riva. Split has been teeming with young explorers and festival-goers for years, but it remains difficult to discover location-based experiences in real time. With the new wave of digital nomads and the number of tourists, Triend thought Split was the best choice for their launch location.

How does the app work?

The app works seamlessly as you point your camera, record video, and share your opinion in short text and stars. Similar to apps like Tik Tok or Instagram. If you just went to a restaurant, climbed to the top of Marijan Hill or found a loved one at the bar where you had your first Rakija, you can rate and share in seconds with your community on the platform.

Alternatively, if you come to town and need help, just upload a video of what you need, and it’s posted instantly to your desired niche community around you.

Triend works differently from social platforms. It aims to reward people for recommendations using tokenomics based on the exciting new world of cryptocurrency for those who are late to the party.

How will Triend help local businesses?

Ultimately, Triend will help businesses get discovered in a way that showcases authentic experiences. Triend also works. It also has a unique geolocation aspect, allowing users to see precisely where the recommendation was in relation to where they are and where that recommendation was taken.

Triend is already working with many companies this summer to showcase their offering in a new way that touches different markets. Triend technology can send embedded push notifications to users highlighting different promotions and offers.

The Triend team also spoke to local businesses in Split, who said there was a huge problem with fake reviews on platforms such as Tripadvisor. This combats this problem with an honest community-powered voice and video, focused on Split.

Why should tourists coming to Split use Triend?

When people arrive, they want to find cool stuff. Triend will offer this as a new discovery platform targeted like Facebook Groups. Triend will allow users to personalize their trip and discover their niche interests, whether it’s food, music or adventure.

It will also help locals connect and immediately exchange help and recommendations. They will also be able to see what is real and what is not just a 5 star rating from someone who is not even in Split.

Ultimately, it will make their experience so much better. They will be able to discover authentic local recommendations and see what is real or not. And they will be able to use geolocation technology to find out exactly where that experience was.

Why should locals use Triend?

Locals will be able to share their recommendations directly. We can’t say too much just yet, but Triend is implementing Web3 technology in cryptocurrency to reward users who share their local experiences to make it easier for people to travel!

Why is it different from Instagram Reels or Tik Tok?

Triend’s goal is to be purely a recommendation base to help you maximize your experience in the city. Star ratings, mini-reviews, and niche-focused. Oh, and focused only on Split! For the time being…

Triend will also work closely with local businesses! If you would like your business highlighted on the app for the launch, email This email address is protected from spam. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can read more about Triend HERE.

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