New German library app revolutionizes foreign language learning with engaging picture storybooks

Spokane, WA – IXI Design LLC, a leader in mobile software and application development, announced the release of an exciting new mobile application for Android devices, German Library. An exciting new tool for learning foreign languages, the German Library offers people a series of kindergarten-level storybooks written and designed for beginners wishing to learn the German language.

The German Library series storybooks are bilingual, with German and English text on each illustrated page. German voiceovers, recorded to be clear, crisp and of high quality, narrate each story to make building your German vocabulary simple and easy. Users simply watch, listen and follow the stories in the collection to understand their plot and learn German at a comfortable kindergarten level. This beginner-oriented approach ensures mastery of the basics of the language, including the correct pronunciation of simple German words, phrases and expressions.

Gradual exposure to foreign languages, including German, has proven to be an effective way to master language skills. This type of exposure to a new language has proven to be effective, low-stress and enjoyable, making the language learning adventure fun regardless of age group.

“We are thrilled to announce the release of the German Library,” said Dave, Product Manager at IXI Design LLC. “The German Library goes beyond traditional ways of learning foreign languages ​​and instead adopts a new approach that prioritizes watching, listening and reading. Our environment is not focused on learning, but rather on making exposure to a language enjoyable and easy so that learning can happen naturally,” he added.

The German Library series includes 70 books that make it easy to learn and try new words in a fun and interesting environment. Designed to provide a seamless, intuitive and convenient experience through embedded learning, the books in the series are also available in print.

The first five books in the collection are free, and the extensive 70-book collection is available for just $14.99. Other applications for learning English, French or Russian are also available.

To learn more, visit, watch a promotional video on YouTube, or download German Library from the Google Play Store.

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