New Data Reveals Moon Knight Season 1’s Viewership Compared to Other Marvel Shows

After five new Disney+ shows joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2021, this year kicked off with Oscar Isaac moon knight as the first new streaming property in Year 4 of Phase 4. Introducing a new character to the franchise for the first time through Disney’s streaming platform, moon knight has become a must-watch TV over its six-week run, especially since Season 1 is the only confirmed season for the show so far.

Overall, the MCU has been a smash hit on Disney+, with nearly every new release topping the charts at some point in its release schedule over the past 16 months. Even with concerns about moon knightAfter its first four episodes were released to the press for early review, this new release brought the same excellent level of quality as its four live-action predecessors.

Now that all six episodes have been available to stream on Disney+ for nearly a month, many fans are wondering how moon knight stacked up against its companions in terms of viewership since its March 30 premiere. Now the numbers are in and it looks like Season 1 viewership for moon knight is something Marvel Studios should be extremely proud of.

Moon Knight Viewership Figures Revealed


Nielsen Streaming Rankings has shared final viewership numbers for Marvel Studios moon knight and how those numbers compare to other MCU Disney+ shows.

From May 2 to May 8, fans spent 715 million minutes watching the show, which premiered on May 4. That’s up from 681 million views the previous week, and the series as a whole grew in viewership for four of the five weeks after its March 30 debut (the only small dip came in week 4) .

In total, moon knight earned just under 3.7 billion minutes of watch time, which is the fourth most live-action MCU Disney+ series to date. It comes in at around 415 million views behind The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and about 240 million views above Hawk Eye.

The full list of watch time minutes for all five shows can be seen below:

Wanda Vision: 4.8B

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: 4.15B

Loki: 5.23B

Hawkeye: 3.46 B

Lunar Knight: 3.7 B

For the point of view, moon knight is the shortest of these five shows in terms of total runtime, while Wanda Vision is the longest.

Wanda Vision: 357 minutes

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: 324 minutes

Loki: 297 minutes

Hawkeye: 294 minutes

Moon Knight: 287 minutes

By calculating the average number of times each minute of a series has been watched (total minutes watched divided by runtime), we can determine which Disney+ project has been watched the most, regardless of length. .

The results show that moon knight outmoded The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Hawk Eyebut behind Loki and Wanda Vision – while also showing that God of Mischief’s solo release is by far the band’s most popular. The only major difference with this metric is how it demonstrates that the Egyptian epic just overtook the Captain America spin-off:

  1. Loki: 17.61M
  2. WandaVision: 13.45M
  3. Moon Knight: 12.89M
  4. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: 12.81M
  5. Hawkeye: 11.77M

Moon Knight Continues With High Marvel Viewership

Even though moon knight may rank in the lower end of the MCU’s Disney+ show viewership, its numbers still compare well to so much other content on Disney’s streaming network. His debut episode came second in total views behind Tom Hiddleston’s Lokiand almost every week it got more viewers from across the fandom

These audience statistics show how many people have invested in moon knight, especially considering how those numbers have grown with each new episode and each addition to Marc Spector’s journey. It’s also impressive to see that those numbers remain high even more than a year into Marvel’s tenure on Disney+, and as the first MCU show in Wanda Vision remains the highest mark, everything that followed also makes its mark.

Now the big question is whether these numbers will influence Marvel Studios donations. moon knight a second season on Disney+. The evidence is open that there are already soft plans for this to happen, and the cast of the show have discussed what they would like to see in a new set of episodes, but that will be a decision for another day. .

For now, season 1 of moon knight is available to stream on Disney+.

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