New app for moms: WeMoms

This app for moms is not entirely a new app since it was launched in France seven years ago, but the WeMoms app was just launched in the United States a few months ago. This means that it already has tons of downloads and you are assured that it performs well and adds value to a mom. They used the app to create a community where moms-to-be and new moms can get the help and support they need through this wonderful but also stressful part of their lives. I’ve teamed up with WeMoms to share my thoughts on this app for mothers. Let me tell you all about it!

WeMoms app review

WeMoms is already the biggest community app for moms in Europe and now it’s also open to American moms. It is a 100% free mobile application. It has already garnered 2.5 million downloads and over 60 million discussions!

This pregnancy and mother app is available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Just search for WeMoms and look for the white outline of a heart on a red background. It’s a free app! You can download it here.

Why WeMoms is a useful app for mothers

Becoming a mother is one of the most wonderful experiences in a woman’s life. However, it is also the experience that brings the most change. It’s an amazing and challenging adventure and it’s so nice to have resources to help you through all the completely new things you’ll encounter. I know I was the first in my group of friends to have a baby. It means I had no one to talk to. I wanted someone in the same boat to share my sorrows and my joys. I wanted to be able to ask questions of other real moms who were going through the same things at that time. I got busy making new mom friends. That’s the beauty of a community of mothers. You can support each other. And that’s the idea behind this mom app! It’s a great way for busy moms to connect.

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Know what to expect

Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, baby bottles, diapers, crying, sleep, illness, first teeth… that’s a lot! When you sign up for the WeMoms app, they ask you where you are on your journey. Whether you’re trying to conceive or have a newborn, the app is here to help you where you are. They have a tab with what to expect at your stage.

When it comes to having a baby, conception can be harder than you think. There are so many things to think about: getting pregnant, ovulation, contraception, wanting a baby, the pill, fertility, in vitro fertilization (IVF), medically assisted procreation (PMA), adoption, ovarian stimulation, artificial insemination, spermatozoon, muscles of the pelvic floor, periods…

Pregnancy is also a deluge of novelties. WeMoms is a great app that has topics for talking about just about everything: pregnancy test, pregnancy denial, weeks of amenorrhea calculation, maternity leave, obstetrician, miscarriage, unwanted pregnancy, nausea, gynecologist/midwife- woman, fetus, to-do lists, abortion, vagina, ultrasound, amniotic fluid, ectopic pregnancy, prenatal yoga, pregnant sports, baby names, birth preparation, abortion, deadlines, baby shopping lists…

Of course, you can also find a plethora of information on childbirth, baby development milestones, and advice for new mothers. You will be able to learn about baby food, baby toilet, bath linen, awakening, games, baby crying, baby colic, communication and baby sign language, health and baby’s well-being. But it’s not just about printed information. This is a place where you can ask questions! They have answers from experts and other mums at the same stages

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Ask your questions to other moms

Managing the care of a baby and reconciling life as a mother and life as a woman is a challenge. You probably want to know that you are not alone in your feelings. You probably have questions. It’s good to have a community of other moms.

On WeMoms, you can:

– Share your concerns with moms like you

– Get your questions answered in 5 minutes, 24 hours a day

– Receive the support and experience of a caring community

– Exchange local tips and services

– Ask your questions to the maternity experts

There are a lot of very specific questions that you can find answers to through WeMoms. The journey of motherhood for baby’s first year has so many important firsts and is a completely new adventure. It’s nice to be able to ask questions and get answers. Or even scrolling and seeing other people asking the same things you were asking and seeing that they’re normal.

Personally, I like the couple life section where you can share things and get answers to your questions. You just have to use a first name so it doesn’t have to be revealing, which is great. And I also like being able to answer some of the questions and share my experiences with specific situations.

Thanks to WeMoms, you don’t have to be alone with your doubts! I know when I first became a mom, I wish I had the WeMoms resource to reduce my anxiety by answering my questions and helping me feel less alone in parenthood.

Get the WeMoms app

Every mom wants to be the best mom for her kids. WeMoms is a community of moms like you, always available to support and advise you. This social network has many great groups so you can find like-minded women with similar interests and make new friends. If you’re a working mom or just getting used to the new life of being a mom, this can be invaluable.

You can get the app for your Android or Apple devices. Here is the direct link to Google Play Store and Apple Store. Download the app and try it for yourself! It’s free, after all!

From childcare arrangements to sibling relationships, they have all kinds of groups so you can find your tribe and get the support you need as a mother. Would you like to have a community of moms at your fingertips on an application? Have you already downloaded it? What do you think about it?

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