Netflix Games adds three more titles to the mobile app

Netflix shared that it has added several new games to the company’s mobile gaming platform, Netflix Games.

Announced today (March 22), Netflix has revealed that three new titles – It’s a true story, Shattered Remasteredand In The Dead 2: Unleashed – are available on Netflix Games right now.

It’s a true story was produced for free by Canadian developer Frosty Pop in support of Charity: Water, an organization that provides safe drinking water to developing countries. Sharing this theme, It’s a true story is a narrative puzzle game that follows an African woman trying to provide water for her family every day.

Shattered Remastered is a game from New Zealand developer PikPok. A Netflix press release explains that the title is a brick-buster that will feature “dozens of unique levels filled with incredible physics, power-ups, boss battles, and special attacks.”

Ultimately, In The Dead 2: Unleashed – also created by PikPok – sees players trying to fight off increasing numbers of zombies as they attempt to traverse the world map.

“Stranger Things” season 3

Netflix Games launched in November 2021 and included five games at launch, including several stranger things securities.

The company decided to acquire several studios in order to support Netflix Games – in September 2021, Netflix acquired Without beef developer Night School Studio, and explained that he was “inspired by their bold mission to set a new bar for storytelling in games”.

Netflix later said it would be very selective with acquisitions going forward, and earlier this year it announced the company had partnered with games agency RocketRide Games to help it expand its library.

In other gaming news, sea ​​of ​​thieves launches its Forts Of The Forgotten event this week and marked the adventure with a new cinematic.

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