Mystery Adventure Games to Explore in 2022

Movies and video games have their own relative strengths and weaknesses. For example, even a film’s most explosive thrill ride has to grapple with the fact that its audience is relegated to the role of passive observers.

This is quite different from games, where the viewer becomes an intimately connected actor in the experience, influencing events and making decisions that impact how its story unfolds.

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Certain styles generally work better in this format for this reason, such as the adventure genre. While no one can deny that the Indiana Jones movies are a sensational experience that still has audiences on the edge of their seat some 40 years after their initial release, it’s a genre that benefits significantly from an interactive element. .

There are plenty of games that take inspiration from Indiana Jones, and below we’ll take a look at some of the best examples. Each offers a unique and fascinating experience that anyone seeking the thrill of adventure will be thrilled to experience – let’s dive into it!

grave robber

Lara Croft is one of the most instantly recognizable video game characters in history. Its appearance in Tomb Raider games dates back to the early days of 3D gaming on the original PlayStation.

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Tomb Raiders 1-3 are classics of the adventure game genre, and still hold up remarkably well today. Although you don’t have to sift through the bargains to access all the excitement and adventure of the Tomb Raider series, as it has enjoyed many reboots and new iterations over the years.

The franchise’s most recent mainline entry was 2018’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which was originally released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC and continued the narrative reboot started in 2013’s Tomb Raider.

This new trilogy has been praised for its sophisticated storytelling, innovative game mechanics, and stunning graphics. It’s worth investigating for anyone looking for a Triple AAA adventure, whether you’re already familiar with Lara Croft and the classic Tomb Raider games or not.

Aztec explorer

Slot machine games have developed in new and intriguing ways over the past two decades or so as their online variants, freed from the limitations of their physical counterparts, have been given free rein to innovate their core gameplay in entertaining ways. and engaging.

One of the best examples of this the new wave of titles is Aztec Explorer, and as its name suggests, it offers limitless adventure for one-armed bandit aficionados. Featuring a captivating 20 payline, 5 reel grid populated by stylized Mesoamerican symbols of eagles, suns, warriors and jaguars, this title captures the aesthetic we love about fiction. treasure hunt.

Plus, an innovative cascading free spins feature means that if you manage to score 3 free spins, you’re immediately rewarded with another 10. Aztec Explorer packs all the excitement of an Indiana Jones-esque adventure into a neat package accessible via any web browser and on mobile, meaning you can uncover the mysteries of its forgotten temples even on the go.


Arguably one of the greatest gaming series of the 2010s and, in many people’s eyes, the true successor to classic Tomb Raider titles, Uncharted delivers Hollywood cutscenes and stories in a truly new way. when the original game was launched back in 2007.

Since then, the original Uncharted has spawned 4 more sequels, each building on its familiar cast of characters led by protagonist Nathan Drake, and launching players into ever more captivating and exotic adventures.

Uncharted’s fusion of intuitive climbing mechanics, mind-bending puzzles, and stunning vistas ensures there’s plenty to keep you busy. Plus, with hidden treasures to collect at each level, finalists will spend many hours exploring all the mysteries these titles have to offer on their way to that prized 100% bragging rights.

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