Manitoulin Brewing Company Launches Island Adventure App

LITTLE CURRENT—There’s no doubting the excitement in the voice of Manitoulin Brewing Company (MBC) partner Nishin Meawasige as he chats with The Expositor about the new Manitoulin Adventure Map smartphone app which MBC is developing in collaboration with Mnidoo Mnising/Manitoulin Island Food Tourism Regional Steering Committee, Destination Manitoulin Island, Destination Northern Ontario and Indigenous Tourism Ontario.

“This tourism marketing app will showcase destinations in the Manitoulin District with a focus on local culinary tourism, food and beverage, lodging, hiking trails, landmarks and other attractions,” said Mr. Meawasige, as he shared news about the new and innovative marketing opportunity for Island tourism businesses and experiences. “Visitors now have a travel assistant at their fingertips to plan and navigate their next Manitoulin Island adventure,” adding that he’s excited to be part of the company “as a company of the Manitoulin Island committed to seeing growth and prosperity for all Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses on the Island.

Mr. Meawasige shared that the Manitoulin Adventure Map app “will use innovative location-based marketing software to place participating businesses and attractions on a Google-enabled map. Additionally, businesses will be able to collect important data about customers visiting their respective establishment while using the app. »

In conjunction with the app, MBC will launch its new mixed six-pack Manitoulin Adventure Kit at LCBOs across Ontario in May. The six-pack will include a QR code where customers can scan and download the app.

“Not only is the app a convenient tool for people to explore the island, but it also encourages island experiences,” Mr. Meawasige said. “More experiences completed means more points earned and the more points they earn, the more rewards they will receive. It’s that simple.”

The contractor noted that MBC recognizes “the challenges that many businesses have faced over the past two years and therefore we are delighted to be able to offer this service free of charge for the 2022 season.” He said he expects the app to help revitalize existing businesses on the island and encourage new businesses to take the leap.

Once the application is well established and the Island business community is thriving again, a nominal fee will be included in the application. “When all is said and done, we have to make sure it’s sustainable,” he said.

The places available are limited in this first edition of the project, noted Mr. Meawasige. “We only have a limited number of slots available in this round,” he said.

MBC originally considered building the app themselves, but while researching Meawasige and his team discovered EDCO, a company that was already engaged in something similar to what they envisioned. “Rather than reinventing the wheel, we’re leveraging their system,” he said. “In this way, we have come up with what is essentially a turnkey solution. It’s a pretty nifty system.

The original deadline ends May 5 and places are limited. “There are 150 slots and some of them are full of cards,” Mr Meawasige said. App users will be able to plan their visit to Manitoulin with an itinerary of things to do and see while on the island.

Those interested in registering for the app are encouraged to follow the link and register immediately.

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