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James Van Der Beek and his family are about to embark on a whole new adventure. This is not a new role in a TV series or movie. This time, the veteran actor picks up and leaves Hollywood.

On Wednesday, he shared several photos of his family’s now empty home via his Instagram account. It included a caption expressing enthusiasm for the company.

“Sometimes a fuller life begins with an empty house. Leave Los Angeles incredibly grateful for all the friends and memories we have made here. On the way to the next big adventure!

Shortly after the publication of his post, several of his subscribers had a little fun with the news. One of them asked where he was moving in Canada. Another said a move to the Great White North was the only reasonable destination. However, other fans were familiar with his target location.

Van Der Beek is heading to Texas, according to his wife, Kim. Through her Instagram Stories earlier in the week, fans got a glimpse of the move process. She also revealed that they adopted two puppies before their 10-day trip east.

Long journey ahead for James Van Der Beek and his clan

Kim and James also joked about their engagement in social media posts.

“Hey baby, I think we’re setting some kind of a record. Do you think anyone else in the world has ever left their home with their five children and decided to adopt two rescued puppies before a 10 day road trip? Kim asked James while the family was in the car on Wednesday. “Do you think we are setting a precedent? “

He replied: “define before, this is the first day.

Kim added that she and her famous husband are planning to share many videos and photos from the trip. She said the goal is to bring a few smiles here and there during this rather difficult time in the country.

“We will document this trip in the hope that it can put a smile on your face during such an uncertain time in the world,” added the mother of five. “With the love of our family to yours, thank you for your support on this trip. Los Angeles.” It was a good race. “

Family are the kings and queens of social media

Documenting the movement on social media should come as no surprise to any of Van Der Beeks’ supporters. James and Kim are both pretty straightforward about their Instagram lives.

However, their posts rarely focus on the black tie event they attended. Their actions are more down to earth conversations about love and loss.

They detail both the good and the bad whenever they feel their followers would like to hear about it.

One detail that James Van Der Beek has yet to share is why they are embarking on the move. It is unlikely that this will remain a mystery any longer.

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