Innovative new mid-level series combines action-packed adventure stories with travel facts from cities around the world


Mumbai, India, September 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – When it comes to globetrotting, the Lander family is a well-traveled group. Thanks to their parents’ long-term careers, brother and sister duo Tara and Neil have seen the world’s most iconic cities, immersing themselves in their cultures, visiting attractions and monuments and learning more about its citizens, it’s when they’re not busy in hectic jaunts along the way. With its new intermediate series, Adventure cities, bestselling author Rishi Piparaiya is shaking up the category of travel adventure books, providing fascinating facts and information against the backdrop of the world’s busiest cities.

Twelve years Tara Lander and his ten-year-old brother Neil, along with their adorable Labrador, Sumo, are no strangers to intercontinental adventures. Their father, a brilliant scientist, frequently travels the world giving lectures and presentations at various conferences. Their mother, Amy lander, is a renowned chef and culinary influencer and her projects regularly take her to exotic places abroad. Between mom’s job and dad’s trips, the family has visited dozens of countries.

Humor, playful antics, and heart-pounding drama permeate this fun, action-packed adventure series, packed with fascinating facts about major international cities. The first four books, The Secret of the Snallygaster (Washington DC), framed in Hollywood (Los Angeles, California), Phar Lap’s Saddle Race (Melbourne, Australia), and The Men of BAGEL (New York City, new York), masterfully written by best-selling author Rishi Piparaiya, have twists and turns, memorable characters, and plenty of travel references that will instill a love of exploration and reading in young, mid-level readers.

An expert traveler, having visited nearly forty countries, Piparaiya prepared for the writing of these books by traveling to over fifty-five cities to research every attraction referenced in every story. It is backed by a global team of writers, researchers and illustrators, who have helped make each book as authentic as possible. Each book includes a reference section highlighting key elements including the history of the destination, famous people, maps, local foods, and fun facts. Adventure cities books (, published by Bombay-based on Imaginara Legacies, are available now at major online and physical bookstores. Additional books with Sydney, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Boston, London, Istanbul, and more will follow soon.

For more information on author Rishi Piparaiya (, publisher Imaginara Legacies ( and the Adventure cities books (, please contact [email protected] or at +91 90 825 76227

Rishi Piparaiya is a bestselling author and former executive who left his career-leading corporate position to devote himself to his passion for travel and writing. His first job, Alley be damned, a humorous book on air travel, was a national bestseller in India and his second book, Job be damned, was an acclaimed satire on corporate life. Adventure cities is his first children’s series. Rishi holds an MBA from Cornell University and BA from Rochester University.

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