Illinois Residents Can Get Up To $ 400 In Cash Through Facebook’s Privacy Claim, Here Is The Link

Illinois residents can get up to $ 400 in cash advance through Facebook’s privacy claim, here’s the link. Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

If you are a Facebook user in Illinois who created and stored a “face template” between June 7, 2011 and August 19, 2020, you can claim up to $ 400 as part of a recourse settlement. $ 650 million collective against the state’s privacy law. offenses.

In 2010, Facebook introduced tagging suggestions, a feature that may have used facial recognition technology to determine if a user’s friends were in photos.

The technology scanned the photo and if it detected a face, it would extract the biometric identifiers that make the face unique, such as the distance between the person’s eyes. He would then use that information and compare it to his database of user face models to see if there was a match and, if so, suggest tagging the corresponding person in the photo. Facebook stored this face model data on servers in nine data centers.

Facebook users in Illinois filed a class action lawsuit alleging that Facebook failed to obtain written permissions from them and retained the data without a retention deletion schedule, as required by US law. Illinois on the privacy of biometric information.

The Facebook Illinois biometric class action lawsuit settlement is the largest data privacy class action lawsuit in history, according to the Data Dividend Project or DDP, a brainchild of former presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

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DDP is a movement dedicated to regaining control of our personal data. “Our data is our property, and if we decide to share it with companies, we should be getting our fair share,” the DDP said. “DDP is looking to recover the money that was taken from your data and return it to you, outright. ”

Illinois law prohibits the collection of any biometric data, including facial images, without consent, WGNTV Chicago reported.

Multiple deals have been made with tech companies to compensate their users who mine user data and leave their information unprotected.

The deadline to file a lawsuit claim is November 23.

Users will be notified of the settlement via email and Facebook, according to court documents. To receive an award, apply by mail or at

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