How to Download the As Dusk Falls Mobile App

Where can you download the As Dusk Falls mobile app? As Dusk Falls is Interior Night’s first interactive drama and while it can absolutely be played alone, the twists and turns are ten times better with friends. Luckily for you, As Dusk Falls has a Jackbox-like broadcast mode that will allow your friends to ring in using their phones.

When everything is set up, up to eight players who own the game can play through the story. Here, you’ll have the chance to work together – or against each other if that’s more your thing – as you explore the intertwined histories of the Holts and Walkers at Two Rock.

But how to download As Dusk Falls mobile app? We’ve got everything you need to know about this companion app, including how to download it, how to use it, and how to join your friends’ game.

Where to download the As Dusk Falls mobile app

Currently, As Dusk Falls mobile app is available on Google Play store and iOS store. The links to download them are:

You can find out how As Dusk Falls multiplayer works in our guide, but note that while eight players can play together at the same time, you’ll all need to see the same screen. App inputs will help you make in-game decisions as a collective, but quick actions will be performed by the main player.

Cutscenes will also air on the main screen, so make sure you’re in the same room or watching their stream.

That’s all you need to know to download the As Dusk Falls mobile app. If you are unsure about our game, read our As Dusk Falls review. We believe it’s an engaging interactive adventure that will redefine the genre.

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