How DC Could Take Back The Superhero TV Throne From Disney+ Marvel Shows

Once upon a time, DC was the king of the superhero genre on the small screen. When you thought of Superhero TV, you thought of the Arrowverse or a plethora of non-CW affiliated shows like Gotham, Smallville, and Lois & Clark. Comic book fans used to say – Marvel ruled the movies while DC conquered the Superhero TV space. With new-age Disney+ MCU shows like Loki and Moon Knight, Marvel is only inches away from completely decimating and usurping every segment of the entertainment bucket – whether on the big screen or the small. DC needs to act fast if he wants to reclaim his top dog position.

DC vs. Marvel Shows

And here’s how they do it.

Bring back the acclaimed DC Animated Universe shows

Reasons Justice League is the best series
Justice League The Animated Series

If Marvel’s What If proved anything, it’s that fans of the superhero genre aren’t so averse to anime themes. The DC animated universe is a gold mine for Warner Brothers. This not only plays on the nostalgia factor (since many DC fans grew up watching the DCAU), but also gives them the opportunity to do more. The DCAU explores themes and topics that the DCEU never could. The idea of ​​multiple alternate timelines had already been explored in the DCAU with Flashpoint Paradox and Apokolips War, long before Loki blew up the Sacred Timeline and gave us multiple timestreams.

The Flashpoint Paradox - The Greatest DCAU Movie Ever Made Superhero TV
The Flashpoint Paradox – The Greatest DCAU Movie Ever Made

The DCAU is an avenue that will forever remain underexplored due to the sheer number of possibilities and directions it could show us. Who wouldn’t want to watch Justice League Unlimited Season 4 or a Batman Beyond animated series.

Focus on shows with promising material like Watchmen

Guardians - HBO Max
Guardians – HBO Max

The reason Watchmen was able to do what no other DC show could is because it dared to experiment. It has an experimental premise and it explored the DC Universe, showing its other sides, like no other show before it. Watchmen was named Hollywood’s biggest water cooler hit. It had an army of well-experienced writers and a top-notch cast. There was very little chance that he would fail. And unsurprisingly, DC and HBO Max struck gold with Watchmen. Not only is Watchmen considered by many to be a benchmark in Superhero TV, it’s on its way to becoming a cult classic.

Batwoman is canceled by the CW
Batwoman – Pink Ruby

To be honest, we never understood why The CW was so determined to work in stories that even a rank amateur could spot as a potential bombshell. DC must loop in all shows made under its banner. Shows like Batwoman that had an overly negative fan perception even in Season 1 should have been axed. Watchmen should be an example for DC on how to regain its number 1 position. Hire good talent, choose a good story, stop making shows just to cling to a trend, and don’t leave anything to chance.

DCTV must create shows that connect to DCEU movies

Peacemaker Season 1 - John Cena
Peacemaker Season 1 – John Cena

Why do you think people love Peacemaker? They got to see the guy in action in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. John Cena is a terrific actor. And people were eager to see Peacemaker make amends on his HBO Max solo series. When you build a show out of established characters that fans know, it’s easier for the show to gain a wider audience.

Disney+ MCU Shows
Disney+ MCU Shows

The MCU knew it. That’s why they didn’t choose heroes to star in their solo series out of the blue. Loki, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, Wanda Maximoff, and Hawkeye had significant movie presences before moving into small-screen entertainment. DC is indeed trying to embrace this approach with Colin Farrell’s Penguin series, taken directly from the critical and financial hit – The Batman. but they still have a long way to go. DC needs to trust the process and not fall into the trap of making shows about the most random characters that the casual moviegoer has no idea.

There’s still a long way to go for DC. Disney+ absolutely destroys them in the small screen, an arena where DC was once undefeated. In the interest of healthy competition, DC must do better.

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