History, Stories and Secrets of Disneyland: New MouseTour App

A new app called MouseTour takes Disneyland visitors on an audio tour of the happiest place on earth while shedding light on the park’s history, sharing fun facts and even revealing a few secrets.

Photo by Samantha Davis-Friedman

Meet Dr Ouse

The tour is led by the charming (and very British) Dr. Miles Ouse – or Mr. Ouse in case you haven’t seen him. As you stroll through the theme park, MouseTour will track your location to allow Dr. Ouse to share interesting information as you pass an attraction or point of interest. If you have headphones, the tour will begin automatically as you approach. otherwise, the app will send a notification when you approach it.

History, Stories and Secrets of Disneyland: New MouseTour App

MouseTour was developed by Disneyland enthusiast David Garcia, who came up with the idea during an audio tour of the ancient ruins of Pompeii in Italy.

“I was really frustrated to see something interesting in one direction, but if I wanted to continue the tour, I had to go in the opposite direction,” he said. “I wanted to be able to choose things in my own order and see things that way.”

History, Stories and Secrets of Disneyland: New MouseTour App

Because of his love of Disneyland and its history – and the fact that he had often been asked to give tours to friends and family – Garcia felt that developing a Disneyland tour app was the perfect way to put your knowledge of the park to good use and share “the magic of Disneyland” with everyone, while allowing them (unlike Pompeii) to visit the park in any order they choose.

“Disney is a storytelling business,” he said. “I think there are so many ways Disney could use our phone to improve parks that are currently untapped, and this is just one example to bring more storytelling.”

Currently, MouseTour offers 41 different audio clips for Disneyland Park – all one to two minutes long – making the app kid-friendly and interesting for adults. Another benefit is that once you listen to a clip, its pin on the board changes from dark purple to lavender to let you know what’s left to hear (though you’re free to listen to the clips as many times as desired). It’s also a great way to learn more about an attraction while you wait in line to ride it.

History, Stories and Secrets of Disneyland: New MouseTour App

Garcia notes that, like Disneyland, the app will never be finished, and he plans to add more detail to the park’s newest (and some say most ambitious) terrain, Galaxy’s Edge, as well as adding a set of sound clips for California Adventure Park, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year.

Here are just a few of the many fun and fascinating Disneyland facts you’ll learn from Dr. Ouse, courtesy of the MouseTour app. You want to know more ? The MouseTour app is available for iOS and Android.

Did you know?

There is a time capsule in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle which was buried on July 17, 1995 and is scheduled to open on July 17, 2035 (Disneyland’s 80th anniversary).

MouseTour - Disneyland Time Capsule MouseTour - Disneyland Time Capsule

The Matterhorn tracks on the Fantasyland side (right) and Tomorrowland side (left) are similar, but not identical. Some say the Tomorrowland track is faster with steeper drops, while the Fantasyland is longer with tighter turns, but you’ll have to ride both to decide for yourself.

History, Stories and Secrets of Disneyland: New MouseTour App

The concept of Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin was developed by Imagineers by placing a Mad Tea Party teacup on the track of Pinocchio’s Daring Journey.History, Stories and Secrets of Disneyland: New MouseTour App

Have you ever noticed?

If you look closely at the red and white lights of the Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner sign on Main Street USA, you will notice that a light bulb is half red and half white. This is because Walt noticed two white bulbs next to each other and had a painter paint half of them red to match the overall pattern of the panel.

Disneyland - Red and white bulb
Photo by Chloe Ferreira

The Walt Disney family crest takes pride of place above the Sleeping Beauty Castle drawbridge.

MouseTour - Disney Family Crest

MouseTour - Disney Family Crest

The giant yellow mushroom in front of the Alice in Wonderland ride and the lighthouse at the entrance to Storybook Land Canal Boats were both old ticket booths from when guests exchanged AE tickets for rides (clearly not a good job for very tall actors).

MouseTour - Mushroom from Alice in Wonderland

MouseTour - Storybook Land Canal Boats Lighthouse

Pro tip: If you’re worried about the app eating up your phone’s battery, you can buy a portable charger for $30 at FuelRod kiosks at Disneyland Resort (and swap out a dead FuelRod for a fully-charged replacement at no extra cost). If you use Disney Genie and the Disneyland app, it’s already a good idea to have a charger with you.

History, Stories and Secrets of Disneyland: New MouseTour App

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Let’s listen!

Disneyland - Mouse Ride
Photo by Samantha Davis-Friedman

Are you ready for a free Disneyland tour from Dr. Ouse? Download the app and let us know your favorite news and stories. And feel free to share your thoughts, your suggestions might just end up in the app! (The MouseTour app is available for iOS and Android)

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