Highlights of the most popular movies and shows of the week

The arrival of the weekend, for many people, always heralds the same question when the work week is over and you are ready to lie down on the sofa in front of the television. What to watch on Netflix, now that you have free time and an abundance of choice?

Below, we’ll highlight some of the big titles we’ve covered this week from the world’s biggest and most popular streaming service. We’ll recap the arrival of some of the most talked about new titles, as well as ratings news and more. More information on new Netflix titles The Adam Project, The PiratesYou can also find new seasons of old shows on YouTube The Last Kingdom – all is well here.

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What are the top 10 shows on Netflix?

We’ll start our recap with the big ratings news of the week. Every week, Netflix releases four rankings around the world that classify its content into different categories: English and non-English TV shows and English and non-English movies.

Below, you’ll find the latest weekly English TV Show Rankings, which features a pretty insane total viewership count for Vikings: Walhalla. It is important to mention that this graph is global. Every day in your Netflix app you’ll find a row of content listing the top 10 titles, but these are for the US only. It should be found in three places in the Netflix app. A list of top 10 movies, top 10 TV shows, and a combined top 10, which includes movies and shows from the United States.

Here are the English-language TV series viewers most likely chose to stream on Netflix this week:

  1. Vikings: WalhallaSeason 1 — 113.3 million hours watched
  2. Anna invented (limited series) — 77.5 million hours watched
  3. The best bits of herSeason 1 — 53.6 million hours watched
  4. The worst roommate everSeason 1 — 52.3 million hours watched
  5. Love is blindSeason 2 — 39.7 million hours watched
  6. one of us is lyingSeason 1 — 16.5 million hours watched
  7. jeen-yuhs: a Kanye trilogy — 12.2 million hours watched
  8. The Cuphead ShowSeason 1 — 11.8 million hours watched
  9. sweet magnoliasSeason 2 — 11.7 million hours watched
  10. ozarkSeason 4 Part 1 — 9.1 million hours watched

What are you watching on Netflix right now?

Adventure comedy directed by Ryan Reynolds, friendly and family The Adam ProjectMeanwhile, the streaming site released “The Biggest Movie Release” this week.

Walker Scobell, left, as ‘Young Adam’ Ryan Reynolds ‘Big Adam’ The new Netflix movie is out now ‘The Adam Project’. Image source: Doane Greg/Netflix

You can read all about it in a separate article, but I’ll just say here that I enjoyed this movie immensely. This is a big-hearted action-comedy about love and heartbreak that ends in a sci-fi package.

The film’s best praise probably comes from the many users who messaged Reynolds on Twitter. The same people shared their experiences with the film, including how it helped them deal with grief. “Young Adam” as well as “Big Adam” by Reynolds do it because his father died.

More Great Beginnings

We’ve also covered viewer reactions to the news this week. Weekend, a movie that quickly topped the streamer’s charts but achieved abysmal ratings. Let’s talk about other releases this week to give you an idea of ​​what’s available on Netflix.

The Last Kingdom: On Wednesday, the long-awaited fifth season of this Netflix favorite was released. The image at the top is the result of the show. Friday was still the #1 TV series in America. In fact, there are so many fans around The Last KingdomThousands of people have signed. Petition Change.orgCall for the show not to stop.

Pirates and the Last Royal TreasureNetflix has provided its Korean-speaking subscribers with a steady stream of amazing content. The streamer continued that trend this week with the release of this action-packed movie. As for Netflix’s summary of this new pirate-focused movie, here’s what the streamer gives us. “A daring crew of Joseon pirates and bandits battle stormy waters, confusing clues, and militant rivals in search of the lost gold at sea.”

Note a reviewer from Rotten Tomatoes “I hesitated with other pirate movies because most of them are failed epic versions of Pirates of the Caribbean. But this movie surpassed that. It’s better than what I expected. He delivers the film quite well. Adventure, action, comedy and romance all rolled into one.

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