Fermanagh councilor concerned about letters from ‘investor’ seeking to buy houses with cash

Concerns have been raised following the distribution of a letter to Fermanagh Homes claiming to be from an ‘ethical local property investor’ looking to buy homes.

The unbiased reporter is aware of the letter (pictured) posted in Enniskillen in which the person claims to be ‘specialising in buying hard-to-sell properties’.

However, the letter does not specify what exactly is meant by a hard-to-sell property.

The letter is from Sharon Stephens, who is from Omagh according to the letter, and she is described in the letter as an ‘ethical local property investor’ who wants to buy properties within a month.

She points out in the letter the difference between selling him a house and hiring a real estate agent because “no visits with a lot of time wasters coming to snoop around your house.”

Ms Stephens says she buys cash to avoid mortgage lenders slowing down the sale and her normal buying period is between seven and 28 days.

The letter was posted to homes in Fermanagh.IR

All estate agent and solicitor fees are being paid by Ms Stephens and she has offered to pay an advance of £250 or pay someone’s mortgage until the purchase is finalised.

She claims, “It might get you off the mortgage company right away.”

One of the last paragraphs of the letter states that Ms Stephens will give the owners a price at which she will guarantee to buy their property.

But again, there are no details on how Ms Stephens arrives at this price.

SDLP Councilor Adam Gannon was a resident who received the letter in his mailbox and he was surprised by it.

“I have huge concerns about how this has been marketed, as do many in the local community,” he said.

“I think these leaflets are not appropriate at this time and rather government intervention is needed to support people at this difficult time with the cost of living and rising mortgage prices.

“And if someone is in need, there is no recourse unless they feel that a quick sale is something they actually want to do for whatever reason they may have.

“No one should feel pressured to do this just because of the current situation They should be aware of their options speak to the local Citizens Advice Bureau contact their local representatives for advice and I have contacted the company in their together to try to discuss my concerns.

The unbiased reporter also contacted Ms Stephens’ office to discuss the letter, but there was no response as of press time.

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