Diplo, Stassie Karanikolaou and David Dobrik help launch app for female creators

To roll

To roll

Top social media influencers like Diplo, Stassie Karanikolaou, and David Dobrik, among other big names in the field, are giving insight into their films in hopes that people will feel better about posting on social media with a new app.

“Roll was designed with the creator in mind,” co-creator Erik Zamudio told PEOPLE. “Everything from our content upload process to how content is displayed is extremely simple and emphasizes authenticity.”

“Sometimes you’ll see Sommer Ray with her pet snakes at her house, sometimes you’ll see Tana Mongeau at the dentist, sometimes you’ll see a screenshot of a meme Diplo sent to his friends,” Zamudio adds. “The fact that it’s a platform where creators can show more of their personality has been a huge selling point.”

Created by Zamudio and Founder and CEO Tara Electra, Roll attempts to reduce the pressure on female designers to meet unrealistic beauty standards. With the help of the influencers they’ve partnered with, the app invites women who may feel stressed about chasing perfection and shows them that doesn’t have to be.

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Roll also aims to be different by regulating its content to make every user feel confident and comfortable.

“We have a strict no-nudity policy and our positioning allows creators to be the most real version of themselves,” Zamudio shares. “We built this platform alongside some of the best known personalities in the industry and really listened to their feedback. They wanted a safe space where they could post authentic content and share a new side of their lives with their communities. You’ll often see their bios say things like, ‘Welcome to my real life’ or ‘This is the real me.’ It’s a version of themselves that you won’t see anywhere else.”

Every part of the business model puts the female mindset first, and it takes young people into account as well, Zamudio says.

To roll

To roll

To roll

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“For some of them, they’ve been subjected to judgments about their looks for years. Rolling is a way for them to find freedom of expression and avoid that judgment,” Zamudio said.

“Creators are enjoying Roll and joining the platform because they’re hungry for new platforms that can help them monetize while doing what they love at the same time,” Electra adds. “We’re primarily focusing on creators with a younger audience, so any celebrity with an audience that’s keen to see behind-the-scenes of their picture-perfect photos on Instagram.”

To that end, Electra says users get the chance to “see the real day-to-day world that your favorite creator lives in.”

With so many big names already on board, Roll is looking forward to adding even more influencers and celebrities to its roster in 2022.

“Right now, we’re continuing to bring in exciting talent, and we’re also launching new creator tools to give them even more ways to engage with their audiences,” Zamudio said.

“A lot of times, creators have to show up to brands to make money, then go back and spend that much time creating content for their fans on social media,” Electra adds. “Instead, Roll shows creators that content is valuable enough. This then allows creators the freedom to be exactly who they want to be and foster a community around them with their audiences like never before. .”

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