Dating app profiles for each star sign

Not putting your star sign on your dating app profile? Maybe you should start. According to Bumble, people in the UK who added a star sign to their profile saw a 53% increase in matches. It turns out that people are really excited for astrology…

But even if you don’t want to advertise your star sign (Gemini, we see you), there’s a chance that the growing number of astrology fans might say so anyway. Like when a Hinge profile talks about “being career-focused and liking beautiful things” and you know there’s a 70% chance you’re reading something written by a Cancer. Or when you come across a “sensitive dreamer” on eHarmony who you’re pretty sure is a Pisces.

Exploring how your star sign really influences your love life and helping each star sign take control of their search for love or lust, tarot expert Kerry Ward (who, for your information, offers her own readings from love tarot) gives advice on what each zodiac sign should include in their dating profile, reflecting the authentic traits and powers of attraction of different signs.


“Looking for a partner in crime to banish boredom”

Aries, your biggest no-no is getting bored and your biggest excitement is getting crazy and horny, so it makes sense to combine the two and release it from day one when you crave thrills. You just did. Wet lettuces, navel-gazers and dreamy-eyed poets need not apply. You also like the idea of ​​being on a quest, a mission impossible, so present your relationship as such – it will probably feel like that to the other person anyway…


“Must love the food”

Keep it simple, Taurus, and cut it down to the essentials. Food is life in your book. A date is synonymous with food, whether it’s a takeout or a fancy dinner. And being a food lover means more than just loving food. A person who loves food probably also has other physical appetites: is content to sit and watch the world go by, will be happy to stay home and cook for you, and is relaxed and in tune with their body. . All the important boxes to tick!


“Open to open relationships”

You have a bad reputation for being a bit dodgy in love. I know you’re not all like that (I’m also a Gemini) but if you’re still in ~freewheel~ mode, save yourself the agg and put it there from the start. Nothing wrong with playing on the court as long as the other players know the rules. You like: exploring your sexuality and your freedom.


“I like being taken care of”

Attracting sympathy, care, compassion and attention from your loved one is a lifelong mission for all cancer patients. You just love being loved, and Cancers give you a lot of love and loyalty too, so it’s not a one-way street. There’s no point in you connecting with the aloof, emotionally distant, sarcastic, or independent types. You need a hug. You need someone who loves to care for and protect those they love.


“Let Me Put on a Show for You”

Leo, the drama queen of the zodiac and the ultimate performer is not going to be upstaged in a relationship, no sir. You actually like to outdo your other half, just to make sure they know they’ve ~won~ when they landed that lion/ness. Pride is attractive (to some extent). There’s no point hiding your glow under a bushel, so let it shine, my friend.


“Looking for a partner-slash life coach? You’ve hit the jackpot”

Virgo, you love to ~fix~ people and it can be a balancing act in relationships, so the trick is to find someone who is open to helping you but isn’t a potential co-dependent you you end up supporting all the shebang for. Positioning your talents as “life coaching” makes it all the more positive and progressive for you and them: empowering someone to be their best self rather than micromanaging.


“I will make everyone jealous of you”

Ruled by Venus, you are quite in love and are probably the ultimate flirt, charmer, and fun of the zodiac. Everyone should date a Libra at least once and learn how romance really happens! Don’t be afraid of your super power, let it be known. This is no idle boast. You will be always be the envy of others.


“Let’s be mean”

If it’s taboo or dangerous, that’s what you’re here for. All Scorpios tend to have an intense interest in sex, death, darkness, secrets, and the occult. Dating you is like getting along with a very sexy vampire. Shy people don’t need to apply, so you can disqualify them upfront. You’re not looking for a shrinking violet, you want a passionflower!


“Looking for a thrill-seeking explorer companion”

The open road, the empty calendar, the liberating call of the ocean. Sagittarius, you aspire to be free and able to go where you want, do what you want, and be who you want to be. No duties, no restrictions, no rules. You need a partner who loves adventure, freedom and travel as much as you do, otherwise there will always be friction and pressure. Find your free spirit and go on an adventure together.


“Let’s be a power couple”

Cap, you are the Earth sign par excellence: you need your heritage, your security, your career plan and your investments locked, and that understand having a life partner who holds those same values ​​and priorities. You want to fit in with someone so ambitious, create a lifestyle that is luxurious, comfortable, work hard/play hard together, better than either of you could create alone. This is what love means to you.


“Looking for a partner who is there but not *always* there”

Aquarius is one of the most eccentric signs of the zodiac. You need hectares and hectares of space for yourself and you have a somewhat cloak and dagger character: very confident, proud and convinced of yourself. The main criteria for a partner is that they let you be yourself, don’t nag, harass or inconvenience you, and genuinely like to do their own thing. stuff too (which makes it more interesting and appealing to you).


“Let’s escape together from this cruel world”

It’s hard to be a Pisces because you’re a natural empath, very sensitive to other people’s moods and needs. You viscerally feel the evils of this world: injustice, cruelty, brutality and pain. Escape is a major theme in your life, and you need someone willing to use fantasy, daydreaming, creativity, travel, or sanctuary to do it with you. Another daydreamer, if you will.

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