Daredevil could sport a comedic look if he shows up in ‘She-Hulk’

Even before Kevin Feige confirms Charlie Cox will play daredevil if and when the former Netflix favorite returns to the main Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’ve gotten used to the rumors that crop up almost every week about the vigilante returning to our screens.

Throughout the scuttlebutt posing standalone feature films, a fourth season of his solo show, or an all-new completely rebooted episodic adventure, which oscillated between being rated PG-13 or R depending on where you heard it, a pair of the hypothetical scenarios arose more often than the others.

The first was that Cox’s Matt Murdock would provide support in Hawk Eye derivative series Echo, and the second has repeatedly boasted that the overpowered lawyer would appear in she-hulk. While not yet confirmed, insider KC Walsh has claimed that if Daredevil is on Jennifer Walters’ show, he will sport more specific duds.

“Lots of cameos, biggest one, again, I don’t think it ruins anything if you’ve been on the internet before, but Daredevil definitely shows up in costume, in the yellow digs, so that will be nice. “

she-hulk should feature song, dance, and fourth wall breaks aimed at Kevin Feige, so a crime fighter in a yellow suit would barely disturb the tone of the room. However, this remains unsubstantiated at this time, but we may get a response in the near future if we daredevil do that widely expected Spider-Man: No Path Home cameo next week.

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