Cowboy Bebop: 12 Similar Shows, Movies & Anime To Watch Next

Moonbeam city

An animated one-season wonder that aired on Comedy Central in 2015, there’s probably a lot of people out there who don’t even know it Moonbeam city exist. The exaggerated police procedure features an absolutely stacked voice cast that includes Rob Lowe, Will Forte, Elizabeth Banks and Kate Mara, with Moonbeam city a very distinct art style and a retro electric soundtrack doing the heavy lifting.

Moonbeam city exists in a nebulous world that embraces futurism, science fiction and absurdity. This assembly of influences creates a unique universe which is reminiscent of Cowboy Bebop. The characters in Moonbeam city are incompetent cops, not bounty hunters, but the ridiculous episodic criminals they face feel like they’re pulled straight out of standalone episodes of Cowboy Bebop, like “Venus Pop”.

Cowboy Bebop Similar Shows, Movies & Cartoons To Watch Next - Kids on the Slope

Children on the track

The Slice of Life animated series aren’t for everyone, but sometimes they can shine a light on the human condition in stunning ways and really end up with something special. Cowboy Bebop is full of intense battles and heists in space, but it’s also a really touching character study between the Bebop crew and the way they heal themselves. Children on the track is a 12-episode animated series about an introverted and social delinquent teenager who bond through a surprising love for jazz music.

The stakes of Children on the track are incredibly small, but the way these characters come to life and come alive through jazz music is so touching. Not only is Children on the track directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, but his music is also from Yoko Kanno, so anyone who is drawn to Cowboy Bebop for its soundtrack should definitely give Kids on the Slope a chance.

Cowboy Bebop Similar Shows, Movies & Cartoons To Watch Next - Outlaw Star

Outlaw star

Outlaw star does not only have a lot in common with Cowboy Bebop, but the western opera space actually aired at the same time as the original Cowboy Bebop and the two could be considered sister series. Set far into the future where spaceships move freely at the speed of light, Gene Starwind becomes the captain of the Outlaw Star, which is designed to uncover galactic treasure and vast wonders. Outlaw star Much of it episodic in nature, with each installment putting Gene and his weird crew on a new mission so they can properly cover maintenance costs. The series is packed with space pirates, bounty hunters, assassins, and outlaws, all of whom bring Cowboy Bebop’s equally ruthless universe in mind.

Cowboy Bebop Similar Shows, Movies & Cartoons To Watch Next - Carole & Tuesday

Carole & Tuesday

Another anime that comes from Shinichiro Watanabe, Carole & Tuesday feels like the biggest deviation from the director’s past work. Carole & Tuesday takes place in a futuristic version of space where a sane criminal enterprise takes place trying to exert control over society, but it’s actually about an adorable duo’s enthusiastic journey to become musical superstars. Carole Stanley and Tuesday Simmons come from very different backgrounds, but musically they are able to not only reinforce each other but also inspire a nation.

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