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Access is one of the most dedicated adventure developers I’ve always known. Even when adventures started to become a niche genre, the team continued to write intricate stories, create fully interactive worlds, and craft puzzles that made your hair go gray. You can tell how much fun Chris Jones had creating these Tex Murphy “interactive movies” just by watching him play Tex. In Pandora, he turned out to be not just an amateur camper, but a fairly good theater actor, and Adrian Carr – a great director. In fact, acting in general has improved dramatically since last time, making this one of the most rewarding FMV experiences to date.

While the game still follows B-movie tropes, with jokes and gags scattered throughout, it’s heavier and more serious than previous installments. Nonlinearity and multiple paths add new layers to a cliched sci-fi conspiracy plot, and the writing really shines during Tex’s dialogue and narration. It has something funny to say about every little object on the screen – and there are tons of 3D locations in this game. Imagine how much work went into making it.

It took me not only over 20 hours, but over 20 years to complete! And although I like long and complex adventures, this path was not paved with flowers, oh no. The last time I played it, I was about halfway through the game when I got hopelessly stuck in a long and confusing timed streak and finally quit in frustration. This time I fought for this part, but I soon got stuck in a maze with a not so fun twist, then – on an overly complicated infamous logic puzzle, then there was another maze with a middle section that inevitably caused you to smash your keyboard to pieces due to navigation issues.

And I haven’t even mentioned many sliding puzzles and puzzles. Yes, I know, it’s a good oldschool frustration that marked the true spirit of adventure since the beginning of our time, but was it really necessary to fill the game of this length and scope with game plugs too hostile and clichéd? Of course, there’s always an easier difficulty setting which makes it less frustrating, but I couldn’t bring myself to try it. As Monkey Island taught me, I want it all, all the puzzles, all the work! So let me congratulate Pandora while expressing hope that it will become an even better adventure with the next remaster.

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Time played: More than 20 hours
Difficulty: Very difficult

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