Community Review for Chicory: A Colorful Tale by Nico2021 – Adventure Games

A beautiful top-down adventure with cartoonish graphics and an open world map to explore.
You control a brush, with which you paint the environment and solve environmental puzzles. Overall, it’s an enjoyable game with a few minor flaws.
I played it on PS5 and finished the main story in 13 hours, but didn’t do a whole lot of side quests or explore. When I finished the game, the map was about 75% open.

Pros: Nice cartoon graphics with a mature story. The music matches the game very well.
There is a fairly large open map to explore which at first is restricted but it opens up as you play and get more abilities.
The puzzles are easy without being boring. Some of them need reflection.
The idea of ​​painting the world around you and solving puzzles with the paint is quite original.
There is a pretty good hint system in the game if you get stuck somewhere.

Cons: Graphics and top down view make some puzzles boring to figure out as it’s hard to know how high you are so there is trial and error.
Although mature, the dialogue quickly became boring as it never seemed to end and was a bit repetitive.
Although there is a large open map, the side quests are mostly about gathering collectibles.
Also, the colors are not part of the puzzles. It was a missed opportunity for me. You basically activate the triggers for the puzzles, but it doesn’t matter which color you use. So in the end, the different colors are just for painting creatively.
Also, the boss fights are a bit boring and drag on for a long time when there is no real strategy to beat them. Luckily you can customize them to make them easier or even skip them if you’re not interested.

Regardless of the game’s flaws, I think it’s quite an original and fun game, which I suggest you try.

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Time played: 10-20 hours
Difficulty: Just right

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