Best New TV Shows & Movies This Weekend (November 19)

This weekend, Netflix is ​​adding the second part of a crime drama, a new Christmas romantic comedy, the live-action version of an anime, and a musical.

This weekend, Netflix hosts the second series of a hugely popular true crime docuseries, a Christmas romantic comedy, the live-action version of a popular animated series and a film adaptation of a musical. Although cinemas around the world are reopening and studios are finally releasing all those movies they have had to delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, streaming platforms have not lost any strength. While people are gradually returning to the movies, most still prefer to get their dose of entertainment through streaming services, and in the case of Netflix, its subscribers receive new licensed and original content every week.


Last weekend saw the arrival of the Christmas animated film All i want for christmas is you, with the dramatic film in black and white Who passed, the Brazilian drama film 7 prisoners, the Christmas movie A boy called Christmas, and action comedy Red Notice. This weekend will see more licensed content than last week, with the love movie Snowbound for Christmas, comedies American pie: Reunion and Here is the boom, seasons 21 and 22 of The next American top model, and seasons 16 and 37 of Survivor.

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As for original content, Netflix will bring the second series in a very popular true crime docuseries, the third film in The Princess Switch series, the live-action version of one of the most popular animated series, and directorial debut of Lin-Manuel Miranda. Here are the best upcoming movies and TV shows Netflix this weekend – November 19.

Tiger King 2

Tiger King 2 Netflix

King tiger returns with a second series after the surprising success of the first. In this new batch of episodes, and with Joe Exotic behind bars and Carole Baskin getting closer to owning her zoo, new revelations emerge about the motivations, stories, and secrets of America’s most notorious cat owners. . Also back in Tiger King 2 are Jeff Lowe, Tim Stark, Allen Glover and James Garretson.

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star is a romantic Christmas comedy and the third installment of The Princess Switch franchise. Princess Stacy Wyndham of Belgravia and Lady Margaret Delacourt, Queen of Montenaro (both played by Vanessa Hudgens) come together to hold a traditional Christmas festival in Montenaro, during which the Vatican lends the Queen one of their treasures most priceless, the Star of Peace, for display. Unfortunately, before the end of the festival, the star is stolen and the police have no leads. To avoid a diplomatic crisis, Stacy and Margaret turn to their former nemesis, Lady Fiona Pembroke (also played by Hudgens), for help, and soon after they find out that the Star is held in the collection. of a rich corrupt businessman. With the help of Fiona’s ex-criminal Peter Maxwell (Remy Hii), the girls must organize an elaborate heist to retrieve the star, which includes both Stacy and Margaret posing as Fiona.

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop Netflix

Cowboy Bebop is a science fiction television series and the live-action adaptation of the famous animated series of the same name created by Hajime Yatate. Located in the year 2071, Cowboy Bebop follows three bounty hunters or “cowboys” all trying to outrun the past. As different as they are deadly, Spike Spiegel (John Cho), Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir) and Faye Valentine (Daniella Pineda) form a scathing and sarcastic crew ready to hunt down the solar system’s most dangerous criminals for the right price – but they don’t. can only get out of so many fights before their past finally catches up with them.

tick, tick… BOOM!

Andrew Garfield Tick Tick Boom Trailer

tick, tick… BOOM! is a biographical musical drama directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda (in his directorial debut feature) and based on the semi-autobiographical musical of the same name by Jonathan Larson. tick, tick… BOOM! follows Jon (Andrew Garfield), a young theatrical composer who waits in a New York restaurant in 1990 while writing what he hopes will be America’s next great musical. Days before he presents his work in a landmark performance, Jon feels the pressure from everywhere: from his girlfriend Susan (Alexandra Shipp), who dreams of an artistic life beyond New York, to his friend Michael (Robin de Jesús), who has gone from his dream to a life of financial security, all in the midst of an artistic community ravaged by the AIDS epidemic. As time goes by, Jon is at a crossroads and faces a big life question: what are we supposed to do with the time we have?

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Tiger king 2 exotic joe jeff lowe

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