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An adventure game is a video game in which the player embodies the protagonist of an interactive story driven by exploration and puzzle solving. The gender approach in stories allows it to rely heavily on other narrative media, literature and film, which span a variety of literary genres. Many adventure games are designed for a single player, as this emphasis on story and character makes multiplayer design difficult. The adventure genre means something different in other media, something daring and exciting. Adventure games are some of the most unique of all game genres. It has no specific mechanics.

The game just has to take you on some sort of adventure. So you have adventure games with platform, puzzle, RPG, shooter and many other mechanics. This made it extremely difficult to select games for this list, as most games qualify as adventure games to some degree. If there is one game genre that all gamers love to play, it is adventure games. Adventure games are so popular among the masses because they accommodate a variety of game mechanics like RPGs, FPS, puzzles, platformers, etc. Choosing from a bunch of fun adventure games is extremely difficult.

Here is the list of the best adventure games

80 days

It is one of the best adventure games for players who are interested in adventure travel. The story is based on the concept of main character Phileas Fogg betting that he can circumnavigate the globe in just 80 days. 80 Days may be seven years old now, but it’s still an absolute winner for adventure fans. At the same time, this game is also proof that there are certain games that developers often put a lot of heart and soul into creating.

If you’re interested in the story of Phileas Fogg who had to circumnavigate the earth in 80 days in the classic novel and loves all things steampunk, you’ve come to the right place. You can choose your route around the 3D globe and board submarines, steam trains, airships, mechanical camels and more to compete against other players with an in-game timer. Explore 150 cities, Climb and traverse popular mountains, navigate the Amazon River and control all your actions to complete the mission.

Genshin Impact

Players have a huge open world to explore with plenty of quests and quests to do. Players even get a glider to cover greater distances. There’s also a gacha RPG element to this one, but you get most of the characters through quests rather than random summons, which adds a bit of flavor to the game. controls are great and you’ll be venturing around this one for a long time.

You arrive in another world with your brother and fall into a deep sleep without your powers and separated by an unknown god when you wake up. You will have a vast open world to explore with various quests and quests to complete along the way. This game features RPG elements, you fly a glider and complete missions to unlock characters. There is everything a true adventurer wants in this game.

guardian tales

Guardian Tales is a retro-styled adventure game with hack-and-slash game mechanics and decent controls. Players traverse a world solving puzzles and uncovering the mysteries of the game. There are boss fights, a decent story, and a few fun little things you can do. It’s reminiscent of an old Zelda game but with some added town-building mechanics. There are also social mechanics like guilds so you can chat with friends as well. However, the game is based on some gacha mechanics and it can be a bit irritating for free players.

Solve puzzles and unravel mysteries to discover hidden paths and travel the world. Along with an intriguing storyline, the game also features boss fights, strategic action combat, challenging dungeons and bosses, and lots of fun. You can collect and choose from more than 50 heroes and about 100 unique weapons to complete dangerous tasks. Other cool features of the game include creating a guild with friends, being able to customize the floating castle, finding Easter eggs, quests, events, stories, rewards, and more. Moreover.

night in the woods

The cartoon character designs, vibrant palette, and simple mechanics might trick a player into thinking the game’s narrative will be lighter, but Night in the Woods tackles a variety of difficult topics. The story begins when Mae, who recently dropped out of college, reluctantly returns to her hometown. As she comes to terms with her failure, she reconnects with old friends, community members, and her own family before stumbling upon an insidious mystery.

There’s so much to experience: dysfunctional families, depression, peer pressure, the economy, unemployment, and entertaining characters that bring the game to life. The main focus of the story is an anthropomorphic cat, Mae Borowski, a college dropout you might love. Well, if what you’re looking for is to complete missions, collect points, defeat rivals, etc., this isn’t the right game.

The fourth

“The Room” is the name of the very popular and long-established series from Great Britain, aimed at fans of challenging and difficult puzzles. “Old Sins” is the name of the youngest edition of the series. In other words, while the graphics often deliberately flaunt their nostalgic charm and have been aggressively pixelated, Old Sins looks great and is likely to push even some SoCs to their limits.

Old Sins incorporates elements of exploration with its iconic puzzle structure. This gives it an extra dimension that previous games don’t have. For the uninitiated, The Room is a series of games with gorgeous graphics, intricate puzzles, and mysterious themes. The latest, One Sins, also supports Google Play Games achievements, cloud saves, and more.

life is strange

It’s the story of a nervous girl who discovers she has the power to turn back time, just on the verge of a catastrophe that is about to strike her town. However, the drama really comes from his relationships, the really tough decisions to be made, and the clumsily written but still effective majority story in the background. It’s not until she reunites with her long-lost brother that her perception of her begins to change.

Looking through the eyes of empathetic Alex Chen, you can see the feelings of the people around you. Represented by various colored auras, the super-powered protagonist can help others overcome their most difficult complexes and, in some cases, eliminate difficult emotions altogether. However, Alex doesn’t think he calls himself a hero. After battling the foster system for years, she is convinced that her gift is actually a curse that marks her as a broken monster.

The ingenious escape

The Artful Escape are two seemingly incompatible things. On the one hand, it’s a story based on self-acceptance, even if that means questioning how others view you. On the other hand, it’s also a totally crazy musical adventure through the psychedelic depths of space. Although they may seem contradictory, the whimsical and relatable aspects of the interstellar epic work together and build on each other. The title (available on Xbox Game Pass) has light platforming and rhythm elements, but its gameplay isn’t the star of this show.

The game is a story based on the adventure of Francis and his journey to rock stardom through the legacy of his musical uncle. On the night of his main performance, he finds himself in a strange adventure in which he discovers his psychedelic personality on stage. Francis plays the guitar to create various effects, such as facing characters or interacting with the scene. the game tells the adventure of him exploring alien and terrestrial levels with a naughty guitar.

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