Are Choose Your Own Adventure stories the future of television?


You are alone, browsing the Telegraph website, when a dangerous-looking article catches your eye. You hesitate, torn. Reading it will be life threatening – but the article has a vital part of the old map you are looking for.

Want to play it safe? Click to tame the pastures … but don’t expect everything you meet there to be friendly. Want to brave the article? Keep reading.

Okay, so there is no map. And your life is not in danger. But one thing that could be, judging by the latest Netflix-related titles, is conventional storytelling. The online streaming service and content producer this week launched its first adult “choose your own ending” program, Bandersnatch, an interactive episode of the science fiction anthology series Black Mirror. Telling the story of a video game designer’s descent into madness, the episode incorporates technology that allows viewers to choose from multiple storylines. It follows the success of an interactive Netflix project aimed at kids that launched last month: Minecraft Story Mode, a spin-off of the popular video game.

It’s not just Netflix, either. Last year, it was reported that Ken Levine, creator of the game BioShock, was working on an “interactive” film, based on the sci-fi television series The Twilight Zone. And Steven Soderbergh’s Mosaic, an HBO series starring Sharon Stone, has also been made available as an interactive app.

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